Review of Swedish Glace Dairy Free Vanilla Ice Cream Lollies

I have to confess to being a tad excited about the sudden availability of new vegan ice creams that are becoming readily available. My personal mission is of course to try as many as possible. So when I heard that Swedish Glace had launched a dairy free vanilla ice cream lolly I just had to give it a try.

I liked the simple blue packaging with the picture of the chocolate covered lolly revealing its ice cream underneath. I knew what to expect and couldn’t wait to open that box. Onto the ingredients the allergens are clearly highlighted in the with soya in bold. There is no may contain warning. They are clearly labelled as being suitable for a dairy free, gluten free, and a vegan diet.

On opening the box I was greeted by 5 medium sized lollies in a simple white packaging with gold hearts. I personally liked the design. On removing this you find a chocolate covered lolly. The initial aroma is that of chocolate with faint undertones of chocolate noted. This aroma remained the same on my famous close up sniff test and on eating the lolly. On biting into the lolly I got a nice crisp crunch from the chocolate coating followed by the soft smooth ice cream centre. Onto the taste the chocolate layer was just right it wasn’t too chocaolately and therefore didn’t overpower the ice cream underneath. The flavour of the ice cream was spot on its subtle vanilla flavour that was clearly present but without being to artificial or overpowering the chocolate coating. If I am brutally honest I would have liked the chocolate coating to have been a little thicker. The subtle vanilla flavour worked well in combination with the chocolate outer coating. The combination of textures from the slight crunchiness of the outside chocolate layer and the smooth ice cream inside worked really well together.

So would I recommend these ice cream lollies? Yes I would. I enjoyed everything about these from their crunchy yet smooth texture and their subtle vanilla flavour. So if you follow a dairy free, gluten free, or a vegan why not give these lollies a try. So thank you Swedish Glacé for producing these lollies. I am sure that these lollies will make both adults and children alike very happy.


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