Review of Lovemore Custard Creams

With the recent national shortage of biscuits here in the UK it made me trying to find alternatives to my beloved bourbon biscuits. I put dairy free biscuits in my search box whilst ordering my shopping and stumbled across Lovemore custard creams. I had to double check but yes there were biscuits I could try. That was it they went straight into my shopping basket
I liked the packaging of these biscuits it was simple black to the edge with a picture of an inviting custard cream that I could have, yeh ?. On the packaging the biscuits are clearly labelled as dairy free, gluten free, and wheat free. The only allergen highlighted in the ingredients list is soya. They are made in a factory that handles nuts.
On opening the packet I was greeted by a feint vanilla aroma. It was very subtle and didn’t change in my close up sniff test. The biscuits themselves look very similar to a regular custard cream but were smaller in size. Each custard cream contained two biscuits encasing a cream in the centre. On biting into the custard cream there was a nice crunch noted from the biscuit. If I was blindfolded I would have struggled to say that it was gluten free, so big brownie points for this. This was followed by the cream in the centre of the two biscuits. This was I would go as far to say heavenly it was light and creamy in texture. It’s flavour reminded me of a cross between custard and vanilla. The combination of the crunchiness from the biscuits with the delicious cream inside worked perfectly together.
So would I recommend these custard creams if you follow a dairy free, gluten free, or wheat free yes definitely. Oh my goodness me I was pleasantly surprised by these biscuits. I loved everything from the flavour through to the texture. These were a great find and will make a great alternative to my beloved bourbon biscuits. So thank you Lovemore for producing these delicious biscuits.


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