My top 5 blog posts of 2015

I’ve been very lucky to of had a fantastic 2015. It started of in Las Vegas and will be finishing in the lovely St Ives, Cornwall. I have had a rewarding year in terms of blogging with lots of new opportunities. I received my first invite to an event in my capacity as an official blogger. I have also been lucky to receive samples of dairy free foods and teas to review. My overall highlight has to be people purchasing food or tea as a result of my reviews. I hope going into to 2016 that my humble little blog continues to grow. So thank you for stopping by and all your kind comments I really do appreciate it C ?.

Happy International Tea Day
Well I to confess to not of reviewing as many teas as I had hoped. Being an avid tea drinker I did a last minute post to celebrate International Tea Day. My poor stats went bonkers.

The Free From Show London
I was so excited to get my first official invite as a blogger to the Free From Show London. I had a wonderful day meeting lots of people learning about new businesses and of course sampling and reviewing their food. I can’t wait to go back next year.

Tea in Turkey
I was lucky enough to visit Turkey for the first time. I had a wonderful time and spoilt for choices for teas.

Review of Honest Burgers London and Being Dairy Free
I had a special day out in London for my nephews birthday. He loves this restaurant and wanted to visit it, so of we went. A great choice Dave.

Review of Tesco’s Free From Choco Snaps
I try to have a healthy breakfast but every now and again it’s nice to have s naughty treat. I finally got my hands on these free from chocolate cereals from Tesco’s, but was it worth the wait ?

I would love to know what your favourite post are. Please share your posts so that I can pop over to your blog and have a read.


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