I’m personally finding it more difficult to get a loaf of bread, rolls or a French stick which are suitable for my dietary needs. Now I love having a freshly cooked baguette, or roll. If that’s not possible some toast, oh and if course as part of a sandwich. I am sure that more and more packet of loaves and rolls seem to contain milk or their derivatives. Or have the warning that they may contain on their list of ingredients. You can’t just pop into the shop and grab a loaf of bread you have to check the ingredients list first. My friends are often suprised when they see me checking packets of bread or rolls because they don’t think that they contain milk. It is also often the case with many fresh breads that you get offered in restaurants when eating out. I often think that maybe I should go the extra mile and make home made bread so I know exactly what it contains. Although to be honest I often use the excuse that I’m too busy. So I thought why not use my blog to share the types of bread that I find. It gives me an excuse now to eat lots of bread, for research purposes of course.


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