Review of Smoky Bacon Popchips Ridges

I quickly popped into Waitrose to grab a few essentials. Somehow I found myself drawn to their crisps aisle. Most flavoured crisps are not an option for a dairy free diet. I saw a new band of snacks called Popchips ridges that caught my attention. I noticed that were labelled as gluten free and some were also vegan. I saw a bacon flavour and decided to give them a try.

I liked the simple black packaging with hints of purple. The picture of bacon to the left and popchip ridges made me want to dive straight in. Onto the ingredients list there are no allergens highlighted on the ingredients list and there is no may contain warning. They are labelled as being gluten free and suitable for a vegan diet.

On opening the packet I was greeted by a an aroma that I associate with barbecue crisps not the aroma of bacon that I was expecting. This did not change on my famous close up sniff test. What did strike me was that the bottom of the packaging had a powdery residual, a little off-putting if I’m honest. The popchips ridges themselves were of a good size and had a good scattering of flavouring on them. However, they looked like mini rice cakes. On picking the up the popchips ridges they left a slight powdery residual on my fingers. Not very nice. On biting into the popchips ridges a nice light crunch was noted, just like eating a rice cake. As for the flavour well if I am honest was a little disappointing it wasn’t bacon more like barbecue.

So would I recommend this snack if you follow a dairy free, gluten free, or a vegan diet? No, I wouldn’t. Their flavour and powdery residual just let them down. Sorry popchip ridges but I have tried much nicer snacks that are an alternative to crisps they just were not for me.


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