Review of Sainsbury’s bacon crispies

I recently discovered that it is possible to eat frazzle style crisps if you follow a dairy free diet as not all brands contain cows milk or its derivatives. Whilst in Sainsbury’s the other day I found myself in their crisp aisle. My other half really fancied some frazzle crisps so grabbed some of Sainsbury’s bacon crispies. I had my old faithful Pom Bears and didn’t even think about checking to see if they were safe for me to eat. This all changed when we got home and were preparing our lunch and I thought that I should try these crisps to review on my blog.
I liked the design of the packaging. I liked the pink colour with the crisps cascading down the packet. You knew what to expect inside and just I wanted to just dive and give them a try. Onto the ingredients there are no allergens highlighted in the ingredients list. They are also labelled as being suitable for vegans. So of course I just had to give them a try.
On opening the crisps there was a slightly artificial aroma of bacon noted. This was not too strong or overpowering, but was a little off putting if I am honest. The aroma remained the same on my famous close up sniff test. On picking up a couple of crisps to try each crisp looked like a frazzle crisp. They were cream in colour with what I would describe as beetroot red coloured stripes. The crisps felt a little greasy to touch and left a light powdery residual on my fingers. On biting into the crisp a nice crunch was noted but this was followed by a slightly powdery texture. After consuming a few crisps I could feel a greasy coating on my tongue, not particularly pleasant. As for the flavouring this was a little hit and miss. Some crisps lacked flavouring whilst others had a strong artificial bacon flavour. It was as if the seasoning had not been distributed eveningly. After eating a few of these crisps I had a greasy and slightly powdery residual on my fingers. I found this in conjunction with the greasy coating on my tongue to be a little off putting if I’m honest.
So would I recommend these crisps if you follow a dairy free and or vegan diet? Sadly not. I really didn’t enjoy these crisps. They were a bit to greasy for me and I just didn’t enjoy their texture and found the flavouring a little to artificial. Sorry Sainsbury’s but these crisps just were not for me.

Review of Snacktastic Bacon Rashers from Lidl

Well everyone now and again I like to deviate from my favourite plain crisps. One of my favourite alternatives is frazzle style crisps. Sadly, many of these are not milk free and therefore suitable for my dairy and lactose free diet. However, sometimes on looking you can hit the jackpot, I checked these just in case. They certainly were milk free and were suitable for vegetarians and vegans. So that was it I was having these crisps as part of my lunch regardless if what I already planned. The packaging is pretty similar to other brands of frazzle style crisps that I have seen. I personally liked this packaging because it looks like the crisps are jumping out at you, saying go on try me. A 20g portion contains 103 calories, 5.6g of fat, and 0.37g of salt.
On opening the packet I got the aroma of bacon, a slightly artificial one, but I did not let this put me of. The crisps were exactly as they were on the front of the packaging a beige could with purple / red colour stripes. They were a little greasy to touch, but less so than other equivalents I have tried. On bitting into the crisps a nice crunch could be heard. I could definitely taste the bacon flavouring, yes it was a little artificial but not overpowering. The flavouring on the crisps was nicely distributed.
I really enjoyed these and confess to eating the whole packet over 2 days. So if like me you are looking for flavoured crisp to try, why not give these a go. Thanks Lidl.