Review of co-op apple puffs

I popped into my local co-op to get some dinner and passed by the bakery section. My other half fancied doughnuts. Sadly, they were sold out. I noticed their apple puffs and as some of their bakery items are vegan I thought that I would grab some on the of chance. As it turns out it was a good call to make as they were indeed suitable for a dairy free diet.

I liked the simplicity of the packaging. You can clearly see the apple puffs inside. There is a simple label to the centre of the front of the packaging. There is only one ingredient listed which is wheat. The co-op also kindly sent me a full list of ingredients.

On opening the packaging I was greeted by a sweet aroma of what I describe as an aroma which I would describe as puff pastry and sugar. The apple puffs are a good size. To the top you have a flaky pastry topped with sprinkles of sugar. This becomes more compact towards the bottom of the pies. On checking underneath no soggy bottom was noted. It appeared dry I mean this in a nice way, and wasn’t greasy. On biting into the apple puff I got an initial crunch from the sugar to the top. This was followed by a nice light flaky pastry. It took a little while to discover the apple filling due to its minimal quantity. However, It was worth the wait, it was nice slightly crunchy apple pieces amongst a slightly syrupy puree.

So would I recommend these apple puffs if you follow a dairy free diet? Yes I would it is great to find an apple puff that isn’t in the free from range. I loved the light flaky pastry and the sugary topping that added that little extra. They could perhaps be even nicer if they had a little more generous apple filling. So thank you co-op for producing a nice apple puff that I can enjoy.


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