Review of Leon fast food restaurant London

I have wanted to visit a Leon fast food restaurant for a long time. So when my mum and I recently decided to spend a lazy day at Spitalfields this was going to be part of our day. We had already done a lot of exploring with a little eating and drinking of cups of tea before we popped into Leon. I was a tad excited to say the least and I pre planned what I was going to have. On entering the restaurant we were greeted by polite and friendly staff. I asked if I could take a few photos for my blog which wasn’t a problem. The first thing that struck before the cakes was the clear labelling of all of the food. It was food heaven for both me and my mum. I choose a vegan billionaire and a banana muffin with the plan being that as they were both dairy free and gluten free we could share. This was accompanied by two nice mugs of tea. They use Clipper organic tea I love this tea so again I was suitably impressed. I opted for earl grey and my mum english breakfast. After the obligatory photos my mum dived into the vegan billionaire. I choose to enjoy a little of my tea first but oh no I soon had to stop. My mum was quickly working her way through the billionaire. She loved it from the flavours through to the textures. I had to request a piece so I soon tucked in. I could see why my mum loved it. I’m not sure what was best the combinations of textures or the flavours. It was slightly sweet and I could taste the dates which gave a slightly sticky element to the crumbliness from the polenta. This was intermingled with the crunch from the cashews. To be honest although the this was delightful it was no where as nice as the sweet caramel topping. Oh boy it was sweet silky and rich and just divine. My mum described this as a healthy delicious sweet treat and I have to agree. Onto that banana muffin. I had to fight to share this as well. I enjoyed the texture of this muffin it was crunchy from the pumpkin seeds and moist and sweet from the banana and dates. A delightful little muffin. The perfect sweet treats.
I then persuaded my mum to have another cup of tea and something else to try. This time it was to be savoury. To be honest I didn’t have much room in my tummy but I was going to squeeze a little extra in somehow. I really fancied a finish finger wrap but was told it was quiet large and was recommended the chicken pot. So I opted for this with their fries. Both dishes were again dairy and gluten free. This was accompanied by the obligatory tea. I should point out you can have dairy free milk if you wish but mum and I both enjoy our teas milk free. My mum was more interested in the fries as it’s often difficult to have gluten free ones. So we tucked into these first. These were nice and crunchy and slightly fluffy inside. They were lightly seasoned and just delicious. My mum said they reminded her of the special fries she had in America and had more than me. I tucked into the chicken this was a simple light and delicious .
In summary we loved Leon and wished we had gone there for lunch. The food that we tried was delicious. The staff were very polite and helpful. The menu is allergy friendly and they serve nice mugs of tea. We can’t wait to return. It was well worth the wait so thank you Leon for an enjoyable and safe experience when eating out.


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