Eating out in New York and being dairy free

The first stop of our American adventure was New York. After checking into our hotel we went straight to a local Irish pub whose name escapes me, sorry. I got a menu no allergen listings noted. I had forgotten how much easier it now is to eat out in the UK. I opted for a simple green salad with no dressing and a mini steak. I hoped that this would be OK. I explained to the waitress that I had a milk allergy so could I have the salad just plain and a well done steak. This was no problem. The salad soon arrived. It was indeed green salad with tomato cucumber and a fair bit of onion. The steak was well done yet tender and had a simple herb and spice topping. It was a simple safe dinner to start our wee little adventure.
On our second night out we found ourselves at yet another Irish pub. This time it was MCGees it’s the bar which they based How I met Your Mother on. Again no allergens marked on the menu. I explained to the server that I had a milk allergy and needed something from the menu that was dairy free. I asked to check that the fish and chips would be OK. Sadly not. She explained that a simple burger and chips was safe. So that is what I had. The burger was simple beef burger in a bun with some fries.
The burger was nice beef patty that had a simple seasoning that tasted a tad of black pepper. The bun was nice and bouncy and soft inside. The fries were not as crispy or as fluffy as I had hoped but we’re fine. To be honest I was expecting a larger burger as I was starving as it had been a long time since breakfast. So if I’m honest I was still a bit hungry, but better to be that than be ill. We then headed to Times Square before returning to the hotel where I had a cup of tea and some bourbon biscuits. If I’m honest I was a tad disappointed by my food I think it is where we ate. I have been lucky to visit before and found it a lot easier. Maybe I need to return just check that I was unlucky this time.


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