Review of Bigelow earl grey tea

As a girl who it is fair to say is addicted to tea my little adventure across America was a bit of shock to me. I had been warned that it may be difficult to grab a cup of tea but gosh this so true. I have never really had a problem before but perhaps that is because of where I had previously visited. I missed my tea but especially my earl grey. I always asked if tea was available did they have any earl grey, often the answer was no. When it was yes the tea of choice seemed to be Bigelow. So of course I just had to do a review on my blog.
Onto the ingredients list tea leaves and natural oil of bergamot is listed. No allergens are highlighted and there is no may contain warning.
On opening the package there was an aroma of a strong black everyday tea with a hint of bergamot intermingled with this. I was unable to work out what tea this was. I thought that it would be a strong black tea as the recommended brewing time was two minutes. I let the tea infuse with the hot water for this time. What I noticed was the tea immediately infused with the hot water and turned to a medium dark brown colour. Despite this I let the tea infuse as instructed. This indeed resulted in a stronger looking tea. But what about the aroma? It simply seemed to be sadly lacking. On my close up sniff test it did indeed smell of a black tea, but I struggled to find that bergamot aroma. On sipping the tea it tasted like a reasonable quality black tea, but I just couldn’t taste that bergamot. I was a little disappointed to say the least. On a positive at least I was able to have a cup of tea and trust me that’s was a big thing for a tea addict from the UK. Also its strength meant that I was able to re steep the tea and have two cups of weaker tea as it was too strong for me at the recommended brewing time. As I was always given two teabags I saved some to take home and remind me of my fantastic holiday. So I gave the tea another try at home to ascertain if it tasted any different with freshly boiled water and in a nice tea cup. Sadly, both it’s the aroma and flavour were just the same as I remembered.
So would I recommend this earl grey tea? I’m afraid not. The tea was a little too strong for me and only had a very feint hint of bergamot noted. Sorry Bigelow but this tea just wasn’t for me.


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