Happy International Tea Day 2017

Happy International Tea Day.  This has to be one of my favourite days of the year. I’m a lady who loves her cups of tea so much so that I decided to add tea reviews to my blog. Looking back I am so pleased that I did. My blog now features Tuesday’s New Tea Review every week which has proved to be very popular. Over the last year I have been lucky to sample a variety of new teas some of which I have loved and others not so. Here’s a quick snapshot of this years highlights. I found out that I had made the Feedspot Top 100 Tea Blogs and went straight to being number 49!

I fell in love with Chai tea. I visited an Indian restaurant and had a traditional tea and since then I have been hooked. I have been very lucky to try a variety of chai teas but my favourite has to from Basilur. Their masala chai was a light refreshing tea with comforting winter aromas and flavours.

I have also been making a continued effort to reduce my caffeine intake. I have developed a new love for rooibos tea. My overall favourite was The Tea Makers organic vanilla rooibos tea. The flavour of this tea was subtle and not overpowering which was just right for me. The slight vanilla flavour alongside the rooibos resulted in a nice comforting tea.

My favourite tea still has to be Earl Grey and I have tried a fair few this year. A surprise favourite for me was Dragonfly Earl Grey rooibos tea. On sipping the tea my taste buds immediately got hit by its smokiness intermingled with a hint of grassiness. It’s a great caffeine free version of my beloved earl grey tea. This was proceeded by a citrusy undertone from the bergamot. All three elements worked really well together.

I discovered that there are monthly subscription boxes dedicated purely to tea. My favourite has to be Tea Tourist as you get a new selection of six teas form a variety of UK based tea companies. I have been able to try wide selection of teas that I may otherwise might not have had the opportunity to do so. I now look forward to the date when I know the next box will be arriving.

Sadly I have also discovered some teas that didn’t quiet hit the spot. The most disappointing one this year comes courtesy of Marks & Spencer with its festive tea, which to me tasted like a cheap everyday black tea.

I don’t want end on a negative so I hope that you manage to make the most of International Tea Day. I would love to know what teas you have been drinking today, or if you have any recommendations for me to try. Happy sipping C.


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