Review of Tesco’s Free From Creamy Iced Vanilla Dessert

Over the summer I made it my mission to try a variety of new ice creams in the name of research of course. This you used to be very difficult if you followed a dairy and lactose free diet thankfully things have improved due to the rapid expansion of the free from market. There is now a variety of ice creams to for people who have a food allergy or intolerance, with even new brands being developed as a result of the paleo diet. So I decided to start by reviewing Tesco’s free from ice cream as it was the first supermarket brand that I was aware of. It comes in one flavour, this being vanilla. It comes in a simplistic cream tub with the classic purple free from label to the front that Tesco’s use on its products. It is clearly labelled as being dairy, milk, gluten and wheat free. The only allergen highlighted in bold is lupin with the warning about may contain nuts.
The tub was easy to open and had a nice secure lid to allowing me to re seal the contents easily and safely. The ice cream had a pleasant aroma of vanilla noted which was not to strong or artificial. The ice cream itself was a nice cream colour with speckles of vanilla noted throughout. I also liked the additional touch to the swirl design on the top of the ice cream. It took a few minutes for the ice cream to soften once it does it is easy choosing you portion size.
On tasting the ice cream it had a nice subtle vanilla flavour which I personally thought was spot on. Its consistency was smooth and if I am honest I expected to find ice crystals as it was a cheaper ice cream, but this was not the case. I really enjoyed the combination of the flavour and texture of this ice cream. I was personally surprised by both the quality and flavour and texture of this ice cream. So if you follow a dairy, milk, gluten, or wheat free diet or are vegetarian diet why not give this a try. I think you will enjoy it. So thank you Tesco’s for producing enjoyable ice cream alternative.


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