Review of Waitrose Chilli Salsa Tortilla Chips

I popped into my local Waitrose yesterday to pick up a few essentials to tide us over. Whilst picking up my essentials some packets of chilli salsa tortilla chips grabbed my attention. I had a quick glance as so often flavoured tortillas are not an option with my dairy free diet. I couldn’t see any milk in the ingredients list and popped it into my shopping basket. I have to admit to being a tad excited as I like anything with a chilli flavour at the moment.

Onto the packaging I liked the simple white background with a bright orange strip to the top and bottom of the packet. I wasn’t so keen on the very artificial looking tortilla chips to the middle. Onto the ingredients list no allergens are highlighted and there is no may contain warning. On checking the website they labelled as being suitable for a vegan diet. On the allergy advice section it sates that they are suitable for those who are avoiding gluten, nuts, peanuts, milk and soya. On a personal note I wish that this was on the actual packet instead of having to look online.

On opening the tortillas I noted a subtle inviting aroma which I would describe as sweet chilli. This didn’t change on my close up sniff test. The tortillas had an even distribution of flavouring noted on them. On biting into the tortilla there was a nice crunch noted. The texture is what I would describe as a regular tortilla chip. This was slightly different to what I expected as they do not contain any wheat and this can often result in a tortilla having a slightly different texture. Onto the flavour I could definitely taste the chilli element to these tortillas. The flavouring was spot on subtle and not too strong or artificial tasting. The flavour of these tortillas exceeded my expectations. Onto another positive note the tortillas didn’t leave any greasy or powdery residual on my fingers. This is personally a big bonus for me.

So would I recommend these tortillas? Yes I would. The flavour was spot on. They were not greasy, had a good crunch and didn’t leave a powdery residual on my fingers. Most of all it was great to have a flavoured packet of tortillas that I can enjoy. So thank you Waitrose for producing a flavoured packet of tortillas that I can enjoy.

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Review of Well & Truly Tortilla Chips

Every now and again I fancy tortilla chips as a savoury treat. Sadly many are not dairy free so it can be a difficult finding ones to try. On my recent visit to The Allergy and Free From Show in London I popped along to well & Truly’s stand. I was suitably impressed so I decided to buy a packet of their tortilla chips to take on holiday to share with my mum.
I liked the simplicity of the of the packaging with its simple triangular designs in blue, yellow and grey. There is a label to the top of the packet with their logo with the clear wording underneath that they are gluten free. The chips are made from corn flour, corn oil and salt. There are no allergens highlighted on the ingredients list and they are labelled as being gluten free and suitable for vegans.
On opening the packet I got a fairly non descript aroma of a plain tortilla chip which reminds me of maize. This was just what I had hoped for. This got a big thumbs up from me as other plain tortilla crisps I have tried have emitted a salty aroma, which I personally find a tad off putting. I checked the bottom of the bag as I now do with all tortilla chips that I try and no greasy residual was noted. On biting into the crisps there was one consistent texture apparent. This was slightly crunchy. It was like I was eating an everyday tortilla chip. Some gluten free brands that I have tied have been a bit powdery in texture. These definitely didn’t taste like they were gluten free. Onto the flavour this was spot on it was plain and non descript perfect for a plain tortilla chip. My taste buds didn’t get hit by that unwanted saltines. After consuming a few I checked my fingers and no greasy residual had been left on my fingers. We had these tortilla chips as part of a buffet lunch. We found them to be highly moorish and I was personally disappointed that everyone else enjoyed them because I had to share.
So would I recommend these tortilla chips yes I would. I really enjoyed them as a savoury treat. It was nice to be able to have a plain tortilla crisp that was neutral in taste and I mean this a positive way and not overloaded with salt. So if you are dairy free like me or follow a gluten free or vegan diet why not give these a try. Thank you Well & Truly for producing a nice packet of plain tortilla chips that both my mum and I can enjoy as a treat.

Review of Tesco’s Value Lightly Salted Tortilla Chips

I am always looking out for new savoury treats to try. Every now and again I fancy tortilla chips. Sadly many are not dairy free so it can be a difficult finding ones to try. I decided to check Tesco’s value tortilla chips on the of chance that they might be dairy free. I hit the jackpot they certainly were. So I had to give them a try.
The packaging is in the typical Tesco’s value range. I liked the fact you could see the tortilla chips inside and I just wanted to dive in. There are no allergens highlighted on the ingredients list and are labelled as suitable for vegetarians.
On opening the packet I got an aroma of slight maize with a hint of salt noted. To be fair they smelt like any other plain tortilla chips would. I checked the bottom of the bag and no greasy residual or salt was noted. This may sound strange but I have noted this with other tortillas that I have tried. The tortillas themselves were nice and crunchy and had a subtle salty flavour. They left no salt or greasy residual on my fingers. I found them to be highly moorish and would have happily continued to eat the rest of the packet. I didn’t as they come in a big packet. I personally had these as part of my lunch and they worked well as an alternative to crisps. I had planned to try some the following day with a salsa dip. I got home to discover my other half had demolished the rest of the packet. Hence the lack of photos, sorry.

So would I recommend these tortilla chips, yes definitely. They may be the value brand but I really enjoyed them as a savoury treat. So if you are dairy free like me or follow a vegetarian diet why not give these a try. So thank you Tesco’s for producing a nice packet of value tortilla chips that I can enjoy as a treat.

Review of Pringles Original Tortilla Chips

On a late night dash to a local supermarket so I discovered a new style of Pringles. Now I don’t normally go for this kind of savoury treat but as we were having friends to visit I thought I should pop them into my basket. On checking the ingredients list there were no allergens listed were therefore dairy, gluten and lactose free. They were also labelled as being suitable for both vegetarians and vegans. Again as with other Pringles I found the allergen labelling disappointing as they were not listed separately and difficult to see the bold print. The Pringles come in a big yellow tube which has a picture of the Pringle on the front. The tube had a plastic lid with a little foil seal underneath to dive into the tube. Each Pringle is cream in colour with brown speckles.
On picking a Pringle up I thought that their texture was a little different, maybe slightly thicker than other Pringles that I have tried. On biting into a Pringle a nice crunch was noted and there was a faint if not weaker than expected flavour. It lacked any real oomph. I was expecting a stronger more powerful experience of Mexican spices hitting my taste buds.
So did I enjoy them ? Well, I liked the crunchiness and texture of this savoury snack but sadly not the flavouring as it was a little weak and bland for me. Personally I preferred the traditional style Pringles in both flavour and texture. So if like me you follow a dairy, gluten or lactose free diet or are vegetarian or vegan and fancy an occasional savoury snack why not give these a try. I would be interested to know if you prefer the traditional flavours like me or if you like the new texture and flavour of these Pringles. Thanks for reading C 😊.

Review of Lidl lightly salted tortilla chips

Whilst in Lidl a few weeks ago I managed to discover a new packet of tortilla chips. It was Lidl own brand basic lightly salted tortillas. I had learnt via helpful fellow tweeters on twitter that it is often worth checking basic ranges as they can often be dairy free. On checking the ingredients they appeared to be suitable for somebody who follows a dairy and lactose free diet. Oh and they are they are suitable for vegan diets as well. There were no allergens highlighted or listed, with the ingredients consisting of maize flour, sunflower oil and salt. That was a result so I popped them in basket to have with my lunch as a last minute change.
The packaging is well designed which is see-through at the bottom whilst having a picture of a tortilla chip on the top half. My only concern was the large amount of salt that could be seen at the bottom of the packet. The tortilla chips themselves are a classical triangular shape and slightly yellow in colour with brown speckles in appearance. On biting into the tortilla chips a nice clear crunch was noted. I was very disappointed with the flavour it was extremely salty, this was despite there being a fair quantity of salt at the bottom of the bag. I dipped them into hummus and it even tainted the flavour of this. They made me very thirsty. I was a little disappointed by these tortilla chips to say the least. I am aware that they were a basic tortilla chip, and they could have been very nice if they hadn’t been coated in soo much salt. I am sorry to say Lidl that I will not be buying this flavour again and I would not recommend these to anyone who follows a dairy free of vegan diet.