Review of Starbucks Chamomile Blend Herbal Infusion Tea

I popped into Starbucks the other day with a friend to catch up and enjoy a nice hot drink. My friend had her usual coffee and I opted for their peppermint tea. I am trying to reduce my caffeine intake and find their peppermint tea hits the spot nicely. Instead what I got was a green spearmint tea, er not quiet the same. I explained the error to the barista who apologised and explained that they had run out of peppermint tea and I had been given this instead. I politely explained that I had hoped for a caffeine free tea and opted for their chamomile instead.

I tend to have the small mugs in Starbucks as they are always seem large to me. The tea looked promising I could clearly see all of its various ingredients in the teabag. What was noticeable was the lack of aroma, there really wasn’t one even one. I was a tad disappointed by this. I sipped the tea and well there was no real flavour evident it was bland and weak. I do like a chamomile tea but this I would struggle to say it smelt or tasted as a chamomile tea should. I left it for a few minutes to allow the tea to infuse with the hot water. Still no aroma from the mug, I even got my friend to give it a sniff and they noted the same. There was however a faint taste of chamomile slightly grassy is how I would describe it, but nothing that excited my taste buds. I found it to be a tad bland.

I’m sorry Starbucks but I was really disappointed by this chamomile tea. It simply lacked any aroma or flavour. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who wishes to try a herbal or caffeine free tea. I will be sticking to your peppermint tea, it is so much nicer.


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