Review of Sainsbury’s bacon crispies

I recently discovered that it is possible to eat frazzle style crisps if you follow a dairy free diet as not all brands contain cows milk or its derivatives. Whilst in Sainsbury’s the other day I found myself in their crisp aisle. My other half really fancied some frazzle crisps so grabbed some of Sainsbury’s bacon crispies. I had my old faithful Pom Bears and didn’t even think about checking to see if they were safe for me to eat. This all changed when we got home and were preparing our lunch and I thought that I should try these crisps to review on my blog.
I liked the design of the packaging. I liked the pink colour with the crisps cascading down the packet. You knew what to expect inside and just I wanted to just dive and give them a try. Onto the ingredients there are no allergens highlighted in the ingredients list. They are also labelled as being suitable for vegans. So of course I just had to give them a try.
On opening the crisps there was a slightly artificial aroma of bacon noted. This was not too strong or overpowering, but was a little off putting if I am honest. The aroma remained the same on my famous close up sniff test. On picking up a couple of crisps to try each crisp looked like a frazzle crisp. They were cream in colour with what I would describe as beetroot red coloured stripes. The crisps felt a little greasy to touch and left a light powdery residual on my fingers. On biting into the crisp a nice crunch was noted but this was followed by a slightly powdery texture. After consuming a few crisps I could feel a greasy coating on my tongue, not particularly pleasant. As for the flavouring this was a little hit and miss. Some crisps lacked flavouring whilst others had a strong artificial bacon flavour. It was as if the seasoning had not been distributed eveningly. After eating a few of these crisps I had a greasy and slightly powdery residual on my fingers. I found this in conjunction with the greasy coating on my tongue to be a little off putting if I’m honest.
So would I recommend these crisps if you follow a dairy free and or vegan diet? Sadly not. I really didn’t enjoy these crisps. They were a bit to greasy for me and I just didn’t enjoy their texture and found the flavouring a little to artificial. Sorry Sainsbury’s but these crisps just were not for me.

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Review of Newburn Bakehouse Gluten Free Crumpets

It can be very difficult to find a dairy free food to have as a light snack. A snack that I do enjoy as an occasional treat is crumpets. They are a quick and easy warm snack that can have a nice topping to add that little extra to tide you over until dinner. Sadly most crumpets contain milk and are therefore not suitable for dairy free me. So when I popped into a local supermarket I headed straight to the free from section to see if there were any I could try. Sure enough I found crumpets by Newburn Bakehouse which are made by Warburtons. They were both gluten free and milk free. So I decided to give them a try for lunch and save the rest later for a snack.
I liked the simple clear packaging to the top allowing you to see the crumpets inside. I also liked the bright orange colour scheme with the blue section clearly highlighting that they are gluten free. Onto the ingredients list egg is highlighted as an allergen and there is no may contain warning. They are also suitable for a vegetarian diet.
On opening the packet I wasn’t really greeted by an aroma and this didn’t change on my close up sniff test. If I’m honest it’s hard to describe the aroma of a crumpet. What I was surprised by was the size of the crumpets. They were monsters much bigger than other crumpets that I have previously tried. I would only need one of these for my lunch. Onto the texture of these crumpets they looked slightly stodgy on the top and crunchy and slightly blackened to the bottom. On touching the crumpet they were springy to touch from the top and firm and slightly hard to touch underneath.
I placed my crumpet in the toaster and toasted it for 2 minutes. The texture of the crumpet hadn’t really changed on touching compared to it untoasted. The aroma hadn’t changed either. I choose to have a little jam on mine as a naughty treat. On biting into the crumpet I initially experienced two different textures. Initially it was light and slightly springy followed by a slight crunch from underneath. On further bites the crumpet was slightly gooey and stodgy in texture. It reminded me of rice that is a little over cooked and goes a little gooey. This wasn’t s negative for me as I quiet like this. On checking the inside of the crumpet the texture was actually quiet similar to this. Onto the flavour it tasted just like a regular crumpet. So that’s a big thumbs up to Newburn Bakehouse.
So would I recommend these crumpets? Yes I would. The larger size is a big bonus as it meant I only needed to eat one. The combinations of the two textures worked really well together. The fact that they taste like a regular crumpet is a big plus. So if you follow a dairy free and or gluten free diet why not give these crumpets a try. So thank you Newburn Bakehouse for making a crumpet that I can enjoy.


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Review of Marks & Spencer Lightly Sea Salted Hand Cooked Crisps

I quickly popped into marks & Spencer to grab a few essentials. Somehow I found myself drawn to their crisps aisle. Most flavoured crisps are not an option for a dairy free diet. I didn’t have much time so I grabbed a packet of their plain crisps as I thought that these would be a safe option. Sure enough they were so I decided to have them as a little treat as part of my lunch.
I liked the simple red packaging with. The picture of a field to the bottom, potatoes to the top and salt to the right. You knew what you should be getting with these crisps. Onto the ingredients list there are no allergens highlighted on the ingredients list and there is no may contain warning. They are labelled as being suitable for vegetarians.
On opening the packet I was greeted by a fairly strong aroma of salt. This did not change on my famous close up sniff test. What did strike me was how greasy the inside of the packaging looked, a little off putting if I’m honest. The crisps themselves were of a good size and had a good scattering of salt on them. However, they looked very greasy. On picking the crisps up they left a greasy and salty residual on my fingers. Not very nice. On biting into the crisps a nice crunch was noted. As for the flavour well if I am honest was a little saltier than I anticipated. The disappointment continued as the saltines was followed by a greasy residual, not particularly pleasant.
So would I recommend these crisis? No, I wouldn’t. I really didn’t enjoy anything about these crisps. They were too salty and their greasiness just let them down. Sorry Marks & Spencer but I have tried much nicer salted crisps and these just were not for me.

Review of Leon fast food restaurant London

I have wanted to visit a Leon fast food restaurant for a long time. So when my mum and I recently decided to spend a lazy day at Spitalfields this was going to be part of our day. We had already done a lot of exploring with a little eating and drinking of cups of tea before we popped into Leon. I was a tad excited to say the least and I pre planned what I was going to have. On entering the restaurant we were greeted by polite and friendly staff. I asked if I could take a few photos for my blog which wasn’t a problem. The first thing that struck before the cakes was the clear labelling of all of the food. It was food heaven for both me and my mum. I choose a vegan billionaire and a banana muffin with the plan being that as they were both dairy free and gluten free we could share. This was accompanied by two nice mugs of tea. They use Clipper organic tea I love this tea so again I was suitably impressed. I opted for earl grey and my mum english breakfast. After the obligatory photos my mum dived into the vegan billionaire. I choose to enjoy a little of my tea first but oh no I soon had to stop. My mum was quickly working her way through the billionaire. She loved it from the flavours through to the textures. I had to request a piece so I soon tucked in. I could see why my mum loved it. I’m not sure what was best the combinations of textures or the flavours. It was slightly sweet and I could taste the dates which gave a slightly sticky element to the crumbliness from the polenta. This was intermingled with the crunch from the cashews. To be honest although the this was delightful it was no where as nice as the sweet caramel topping. Oh boy it was sweet silky and rich and just divine. My mum described this as a healthy delicious sweet treat and I have to agree. Onto that banana muffin. I had to fight to share this as well. I enjoyed the texture of this muffin it was crunchy from the pumpkin seeds and moist and sweet from the banana and dates. A delightful little muffin. The perfect sweet treats.
I then persuaded my mum to have another cup of tea and something else to try. This time it was to be savoury. To be honest I didn’t have much room in my tummy but I was going to squeeze a little extra in somehow. I really fancied a finish finger wrap but was told it was quiet large and was recommended the chicken pot. So I opted for this with their fries. Both dishes were again dairy and gluten free. This was accompanied by the obligatory tea. I should point out you can have dairy free milk if you wish but mum and I both enjoy our teas milk free. My mum was more interested in the fries as it’s often difficult to have gluten free ones. So we tucked into these first. These were nice and crunchy and slightly fluffy inside. They were lightly seasoned and just delicious. My mum said they reminded her of the special fries she had in America and had more than me. I tucked into the chicken this was a simple light and delicious .
In summary we loved Leon and wished we had gone there for lunch. The food that we tried was delicious. The staff were very polite and helpful. The menu is allergy friendly and they serve nice mugs of tea. We can’t wait to return. It was well worth the wait so thank you Leon for an enjoyable and safe experience when eating out.

Review of KIND Snacks Dark Chocolate Mocha Almond Bar

Now those of you that follow my blog know that I must have my mid morning snack. Nature Valley cereal bars are still my favourite and I took a couple of packets with me on my recent trip to America. I had hoped to find some new cereal bars to try whilst I was out there. I popped into Whole Foods whilst we were in San Francisco and discovered a new selection of KIND snacks. All were gluten free but I only found two that were dairy free. One of which was their dark chocolate mocha almond. So of course I had to give this a try.
I personally like the clear packaging design of KIND Snacks with the stripes to the side. The packaging entices you to want to eat the snack. Onto the ingredients it is clearly labelled as being dairy free and gluten free at the front of the packaging. No allergens are highlighted in the ingredients list. Underneath by allergy information it states that it contains almonds and soy. It also highlights that it is produced in a factory that produces peanuts, tree nuts and sesame seeds.
On opening the packet I was surprised as the bar looked quiet sticky. What struck me was the aroma of the mocha. Now I don’t like coffee but it wasn’t to strong and I found it quiet inviting. This aroma remained the same and did not intensify on my close up sniff test. On biting into the bar I was struck by its different textures. It was sticky a bit like toffee in texture followed by the hard crunch noted from the almonds. I didn’t really notice the different texture from the small rice puffs intermingled in the bar. As for the flavour of this bar I really enjoyed it and much preferred it to the other Kind snack bars that I have tried. As I mentioned earlier I am not a coffee fan but the slight bitter flavour from the mocha worked perfectly with the chocolate. I was pleasantly surprised. If I am honest I would not have normally have tried this bar if it wasn’t for the fact that there was little other choice. I am glad that I did.
So would I recommend this flavour of KIND Snack bars if you follow a dairy free and or gluten free diet? Yes I would. I liked everything about this snack bar from its aroma through to its flavour and texture. So thank you Kind for producing a nice snack. Please bring it to the UK.

Review of Tesco’s honey oaty granola bars

Ok so I am a creature of habit when it comes to my mid morning snack. I tend to have Nature Valley cereal bars. I like their flavours, and find them to be filling. I have tried various other snacks but I just can’t beat my favourite cereal bars. So when I popped into Tesco’s and discovered that they did their own version of my beloved cereal bars I just had to give them a try.
I have to confess to not being drawn in by the packaging I found it a tad dull and inviting. Perhaps this is why I have missed them previously. I checked the ingredients list they were indeed suitable for my dairy free diet. The only allergen highlighted was wheat. Oh and they are also suitable for a vegetarian diet.
On opening the box I was greeted by 6 packets of cereal bars in a similar design to the packaging. Inside you get 2 cereal bars. I was expecting a slightly sweet aroma but all I got was an oaty aroma. The 2 bars were the same size and you could clearly see the oats in the bar. On biting into the cereal bar a mixture of textures were noted. Initially a nice hard crunch was noted. They were also a little crumbly but not so much that you lost part of the bar. But then in parts there were hard pieces which were hard to bite into, not so good. Into the flavour, they didn’t really taste like other granola bars I had tried. They just tasted of oats. Pretty bland really. Then my taste buds got hit with salt. Not very pleasant or what I expected. I had a few more packets and experienced the same. Not what you expect from a granola bar.
So would I recommend these granola bars definitely not. They did not taste like a granola bar should, and I didn’t expect to taste salt. The texture was hit and miss and no good if you don’t have strong teeth. So if you follow a dairy free or vegetarian diet, I suggest you try an alternative granola bar. Sorry Tesco’s but these cereal bars just weren’t for me.

Review of beond organic apple cinnamon bar

Now I’m a girl who likes her mid morning snack. I have tried a few alternatives to my old favourite Nature Valley bars but I still seem to have these by default. So I am making a real effort to try alternative snack bars. So when I stumbled across beond snack bars and discovered that they did an apple and cinnamon flavour I decided to give it a try.
I was drawn to the deep brown packaging and the small green apple to the front of the packaging. On the edge of the packaging and in white writing the snack bar is clearly labelled as being raw, vegan, dairy free, gluten free and paleo. On the ingredients list the only allergen highlighted is cashews. There is no may contain warning.
On opening the packet I was expecting something similar to the recent snack bars that I have tried ie: like the Nakd, or Rude Health snack bars. It was indeed similar. It was dark with small chunks of apple within the bar. There was a subtle sweet aroma from the dates with hint of cinnamon intermingled within this. I would personally describe as something similar to that of an apple cereal bar with a bit of date thrown in for luck. It’s texture was slightly sticky to the outside and a little gooey to touch. On biting into the bar I got a combination textures which worked really well together. It was soft and slightly gooey intermingled with a slightly crunchy tough element from the apples. As for the flavour the apple element was spot on not too strong or overpowering. The intermittent hit of cinnamon broke this up nicely. The dates and fruit juices added a slightly sweet element intermingled with this. I loved every element of this snack bar from the flavours through to the textures. All worked perfectly together.
So would I recommend this snack, yes I would. It made a refreshing change to have a bar that differs in consistency to those that are like Nakd bars. I enjoyed everything about this bar especially the chunks of apple. So if you are dairy free like me, follow a gluten free, soya free, paleo or vegan diet give these a try. They make a nice filling sweet treat and have made my mid morning snack list. So thanks beond for producing a nice snack bar that I can enjoy.