Dairy free dinner at the Bellagio

I consider myself very lucky in the fact that I have been able to visit Las Vegas on several occasions. This year we decided that it would be the perfect end to our mini adventure across America. We have stayed in a couple of different hotels in Las Vegas and choose this year to stay at the Bellagio. Each time we have visited Las Vegas we always make sure that we treat ourselves to a nice meal at a special restaurant. We have enjoyed some wonderful meals and my milk allergy has never been a problem. This year we decided to dinner at the Todd English’s Olives in the Bellagio. It was always busy whenever we walked past and decided it would be the perfect way to complete our holiday. We were exceedingly lucky as we were able to have a table outside. This is special because you are right by the famous fountain displays.
We sat down and I explained to the waiter that I had a milk allergy. I had learned to not to say dairy / lactose free as this also seemed to mean egg free. I didn’t get any advice on what dishes were suitable a tad disappointing. I had already seen the menu in advance so opted for what I thought would be possible to adapt.
For starters I had the watermelon salad. Mine came minus the cheese. It was a simple green lettuce salad with speciality tomatoes, watermelon and a sprinkling of balsamic vinegar dressing. Simple is often best for me. The sweeteners from the melon worked really well with the balsamic vinegar. As for the tomatoes these lacked any flavour and were slightly mushy. Oh and the green salad was as expected, but fresh. Overall, a disappointing starter for me. Our party hadn’t even finished our starters when our main courses arrived. In fact one of us was still savouring his starter when our mains were placed on the table.
Onto the main I opted for the Colorado lamb. The chef was indeed able to adapt this to make it dairy free. On its arrival I had hoped that the waiter would explain what I had got but this not the case. Disappointing to say the least. What I got was sautéed new potatoes halved and sautéed onions topped with 4 lamb cutlets in a jus. The sautéed potatoes didn’t seem to be freshly cooked and were only luke warm. The same could be said about the onions which were also a bit to oily or greasy for my liking. What about the lamb cutlets. The jus covering them was ok it tasted a bit like a rich gravy, but I was unable to really distinguish its flavours. My lamb cutlets well these were more well done rather than the medium to well done that I had hoped for. They were crunchy on the outside and slightly more tender towards the centre. They were ok but nothing special and I have eaten much nicer lamb cutlets. So overall a disappointing main meal. The best part for me was the nice cup of earl grey tea at the end.
So would I recommend this restaurant if you have a food allergy or intolerance? Sorry it’s a no from me. The waiters seemed to lack knowledge with regards to food allergies. On top of that it felt like we were being rushed. I’ve never been anywhere where they start serving the mains before the staters have been finished. It just spoilt the dining experience a little. I know that tables with a special view like we had must be at a premium, but surely you should be able to enjoy each course. Ironically, we weren’t rushed after this.


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