Review of Rude Health Almond Drink Organic

Well, I am currently enjoying almond milk as part of my daily breakfast and as I am currently on a quest to try a variety of dairy and lactose free milks I thought I would give this a try. It is marketed as an almond drink as opposed to milk. The only allergen listed is almonds, it contains no refined sugars, nothing artificial and non gm. It is made from a combination of natural spring water, organic rice, organic almonds, organic sunflower oil and sea salt.
It is a UHT and comes in a Tetra Pak which is brown with a picture of a ladies face enjoying the drink. A 100ml serving contains 56 calories, 1.49g of fat, 4.7g of sugar and 0.1g of salt. On pouring it into a glass it looks like an ordinary milk, being white but slightly thin in consistency.
On sipping the milk, I got a subtle hint of almonds which was sweet. On heating it in the microwave for my usual time to have it with my weetabix it kept its consistency and did not seperate. It added a sweet flavour to my weetabix which was subtle but not too overpowering or artificial in taste. I did enjoy this drink. The combination of the almonds and rice appeared to work well together. I personally prefer unsweetened milks as I dont generally have a sweet tooth. Would I have this again, yes I would. So if you are dairy / lactose free like me why not give this a try. So thank you to Rude Health for producing an alernative milk style drink for me to have at breakfast.


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