Review of Rice Dream Rice Milk

Well my mission to try some new dairy free milks has not been that successful. So I have been trying to make a real effort lately and try some new varieties of dairy free milk. So I headed onto Ocado and searched for dairy free milk. One milk that seemed to grab my attention was Rice Dream rice milk. Now I’ve never tried rice milk before so I decided to give it a try. I liked the blue and green colour to the packaging with a picture of milk cascading to the bottom.

The ingredients list is on the side of the carton with water, rice (14%), calcium, phosphate, stabilizer: gellan gum, sea salt vitamins D and B12 listed. There is no may contain warning. The milk is labelled as being dairy free, gluten free and suitable for vegans.

On opening the carton I was surprised that there was only a faint and subtle rice aroma to the milk. In fact it smelt pretty neutral and did not change on my famous close up sniff test. This was a little disappointing if I am honest as I expected this to be much stronger. It poured easily into a glass and was a light white colour. It was slightly thin and very watery in consistency. On sipping the milk it had a very similar texture to that of water. There was definitely a ricie element which was subtle but not to overpowering. The best way I can describe this is if you don’t quiet drain your rice properly and have a bit of the water on your plate it’s very similar to this with a little sweetness added. I also warmed the milk for 90 seconds in the microwave ready for my famous Weetabix test. It microwaved well and did not separate or form a skin to the top of the milk. Its aroma remained the same I had hoped that the aroma may intensify slightly, but this may be a tad unfair. The milk was absorbed easily by the Weetabix. In fact I needed a higher volume compared to other milks to try to get the Weetabix the way I like them. Sadly, this didn’t happen it was just like I had added water, which I have done previously when I have forgotten to take my milk to work. On tasting the Weetabix it didn’t impact on its flavour. I viewed this as a positive this may sound a little strange but a couple of milks that I have previously tried have made my Weetabix have an artificially slightly sweet flavour. I personally don’t like this and like to my Weetabix to be as plain as possible.

So would I recommend this rice milk? No I wouldn’t its thin consistency and the lack of flavour made it an unappealing milk. So if you follow a dairy free, gluten free or vegan diet perhaps give this milk a miss. Sorry Rice Dream but this really wasn’t to my liking.

Dairy free breakfast in New York

On our first full day in New York my body clock was all out of synch I was starving at 5am. I checked on Google and nowhere local was open. I was surprised we were staying on Wall Street, maybe this was why. There was a local bagel shop that did vegan options but it wasn’t open for another 2 hours. So it was breakfast buffet in the hotel for $30! I explained that I had a milk allergy and asked what I could have. The staff were very helpful and knowledgable. It was a no go for all pastries, toast, scrambled eggs and certain cereals. They offered me freshly cooked eggs which I accepted. I asked if I could have fried eggs, which was no problem. I was unable to have the bread and asked instead if I could get my own bread which they were happy for me to do. Thank goodness for my Tesco’s free from bread. They also offered me almond milk as well as the regular soya milk to have in my tea. Of course I politely said no thank you. I ended up with melon and bacon to start. Bread and egg followed by corn flakes and locally made honey. This was of course accompanied by the obligatory earl grey tea. This was a typical holiday breakfast for me that filled me up nicely for the morning. I was just glad that I took my emergency Tesco’s free from bread.

Review of dairy free breakfast at Silvermere Golf Club Surrey

I had been struggling to catch up with an old friend with many obstacles getting in our way. So we decided to catch up On a Saturday morning before carrying with the rest of our weekend plans. We needed somewhere central with easy communitibilty for both of us. We opted for Silvermere Golf Club due to its close proximity to the delightful M25. We sat in their lounge are which overlooks a lake. We had lots to catch up on with so little time. We opted for a cup of tea. I had my usual earl grey, they served Twinings earl grey which came in a nice red tea cup and saucer. The tea went down a treat and time soon flew by.
Whilst gossiping I was getting distracted by both the aroma and sight of breakfasts that others were enjoying. So I made an executive decision that I was going to have a full English breakfast for brunch. I grabbed the menu and it advised the staff if you had a food allergy / intolerance. I hoped that I coud have all of the breakfast but often this is not the case. The server was extremely knowledgable and went through all of the items from the breakfast and explained that I could have them all. He then apologised as they had run out of the dairy free spread for the toast. I explained that I don’t have this on my toast so it was fine. Oh it got better the breakfast came with a buffet style tea or coffee. There was a section were you grab a mug a help yourself to as much tea you wanted. Happy days. The breakfast arrived and it looked a smelled delicious. It was of a good portion without being to big. I started with the sausage which was hot freshly cooked and nice and meaty. The bacon was a good quality again freshly cooked. The hash brown was crunchy to the outside and had soft potato to the centre and wasn’t hard or greasy. The mushrooms and tomato were spot on. I opted for fried eggs these were cooked just as I like them medium runny. I dipped my granary toast into them, perfect. There was one disappointment the baked beans. These were mushy and slightly dry as if they had previously been reheated. A shame as I love my baked beans.
So would I recommend that you visit Silvermere Golf Club for breakfast? Yes definitely the staff are very knowledgeable about food allergies /intolerances. On top this they were very friendly, polite and professional. It was like going back in time as we felt that we were receiving good old fashioned customer service. Oh and as for the breakfast it was of a good quality and delicious. I’m sure that we will be returning soon.

Review of Breakfast at the Beefeater Grill Restaurant

I don’t often eat out for breakfast so when I was invited along to breakfast out with friends how could I refuse. It was decided that we were going to try the Beefeater. I didn’t get to check the allergen menu in advance. However, I have eaten at the Beefeater on several occasions and had enjoyed several safe meals there. I had also read other reviews from fellow dairy free bloggers who had a good experience. I was quiet excited to be eating out with no advanced planning. On arrival I explained to the server that I had a dairy allergy. They were great and very knowledgeable. I explained that I wished to have the full English breakfast. He explained that I would not be able to have all of this, so it would be minus the hash browns and mushrooms. He also informed me that I would not be able to have the toast that was available in the continental breakfast. I would have toast that would come with my breakfast. The chef was also informed of my food allergy and my breakfast would be cooked separately. When having the full English breakfast at the Beefeater this includes the continental breakfast. Again our server politely explained to me that I couldn’t have any pastries, or bread. I could have certain cereals, fruit salad and fresh fruit. I even got offered soya milk to have with my cereal and tea.
Whilst waiting for the cooked breakfast we headed for continental breakfast. It was mainly pastries which looked and smelled delicious. I had a bowl of corn flakes without the soya milk because sadly it never arrived and I couldn’t grab a server to get this. In a way this worked out well as I topped my corn flakes with sliced banana and apple instead.
As for drinks to have with my breakfast there was a good choice of fruit juices, tea and coffee. Of course I opted for the tea. There was a good selection of Twinings teas, it was great to be spoilt for choice and you could help yourself to as many as you liked. As it was breakfast I opted for breakfast tea, very unusual for me. I didn’t let the tea steep to long in the hot water and hit the spot nicely. I had several more cups despite having a great selection of teas to choose from.
Our breakfasts arrived mine came separately. The server explained that this was because it had been cooked separately. I then had a separate plate on which my white toast arrived. I had a little bit of breakfast envy at this point although my breakfast was a good size it looked depleted compare to my friends. I totally understand I had less due to my food allergy but it would be nice to have an extra piece of bacon or sausage instead. Onto the food itself it was piping hot and freshly cooked a great improvement on other establishments I have eaten at. The sausage was of a good quality and again nicer than others that I have tried when having breakfast out. I enjoyed the bacon and this was cooked perfectly. The eggs were hit and miss, but I could still dunk so that was ok. I really enjoyed the baked beans and the tomatoes these were full of flavour and juicy. The highlight of my breakfast was the toast. I enquired who made it apparently they use Genius bread. This surprised me as it looked of a larger size than what you can buy and it was hole free. Oh and what about my soya milk. Well this is clearly marked in the menu as an alternative option. I asked again and got it in a dedicated little silver pot. They currently use Alpro soya milk. I made my friends try it as I had already had my cereal and have all my tea milk free.
So Would I recommend the Beefeater if you are dairy free or have food allergies or intolerances for breakfast yes I would. There is an allergy menu which is very concise and the staff appeared to be very knowledgeable about food allergies. The breakfast was freshly cooked especially for me and of a good quality. The option of soya milk is a nice bonus. Oh and the great selection of Twinings tea is a nice touch for a tea lover, like me. So thank you Beefeater for an enjoyable breakfast, I’m sure I will be returning in the future.

Review of breakfast at the Harvester restaurant and being dairy free

I’m not really one for eating out for breakfast but when I was invited along to breakfast out with friends how could I refuse. As I knew in advance I checked the Harvesters allergen menu which was difficult to read but fully comprehensive. It was great because I knew exactly what I could eat. I ordered the breakfast which includes all you can eat continental style breakfast. I explained to the server that I had a dairy allergy who put a note on her mobile device for the chefs to see. She even double checked that I was able to have eggs (at least she was thorough).

Whilst waiting for the cooked breakfast we hit the continental breakfast. It was mainly pastries and crumpets so not much for me. I had a bowl of rice crispies without milk as no dairy free alternative was available. I have to say it’s a longtime since I’ve had rice crispies and they hit the spot nicely. There was also a big bowl of fresh fruit salad but I steered clear of this as the spoons had all been muddled up and I didn’t want to risk cross contamination.
I grabbed myself a cup of tea. I opted for the normal PG tips black tea. There was a small selection of Twinings but theses appeared to be old and looked like they had previously got wet. It didn’t take long for the breakfast to arrive. It was of a good size. I didn’t miss out because I was dairy free which can often be the case.
The breakfast was acceptable but nothing special. Some parts were warm others piping hot. I was little disappointed by this as I thought it was all cooked fresh. I enjoyed the mushrooms these were hot, cooked well and juicy. The same could be said about the tomato. The eggs were cooked as I personally like, slightly hard on the outside and nice and runny to the centre and again were hot and freshly cooked. Sadly, both the bacon and sausages were warm as if they had been cooked earlier ready to serve. The sausages were dry on the outside and meaty to the centre and lacked any real flavour. They were ok but nothing special. I have eaten much nicer sausages when eating breakfast out. The baked beans were fine but again warm and not hot. One seemed to jump from one side of my plate onto the tomato. Finally, the hash browns. I enjoyed these, they were a treat as often I am unable to have these. They were freshly cooked nice and crunchy on the outside with fluffy potato pieces to the centre. They were cooked well and weren’t greasy.

Onto the tea. I was disappointed by the quality of the tea selection. I was looking forward to a Twinings herbal tea. Never mind PG it was. On returning to the hot water urn it had run out so the server had put out hot water in a plastic jug. Not particularly safe and it meant the water was not hot even though they insisted it was and spoilt our tea.

Would I recommend the Harvester if you are dairy free or have food allergies or intolerances for breakfast well that it’s a tough call. The allergy menu is very concise and the staff appeared to understand food allergies and deal with it correctly. Sadly, the quality of the breakfast was not as I had hoped. I expected it to be all freshly cooked especially when dealing with food allergies and intolerances. This was clearly not the case with my breakfast due to varying temperatures of the food. Yes there is a limited continental breakfast, but I expect that. If I’m being picky simple measures should be in place to prevent cross contamination of the fruit salad so everyone can enjoy it. I was also disappointed that no dairy free milk alternative was available. It is in so many eateries now, please if nothing else rethink this.

I may visit another Harvester and have a completely different experience who knows. Sadly, I don’t think I will. Sorry Harvester but I really didn’t enjoy your breakfast and have had more enjoyable eating out experiences elsewhere.

Review of Sainsbury’s crumpets

I really enjoying eating crumpets they are simple quick easy snack or make a nice breakfast or lunch. I can’t remember the last time I had crumpets. So many are not suitable for dairy free me.
My bread for lunch had gone mouldy so I made a quick dash to a Sainsbury’s local and these crumpets caught my attention. I didn’t expect to be able to have them. On checking the ingredients list the only allergen highlighted was wheat. They were also labelled as being suitable for vegans. So that was my lunch sorted. I could have my peanut butter after all.
I popped two crumpets into the toaster as instructed. They toasted well. They came it with a crispy bottom and a slightly crispy top.
I placed my peanut butter on the top it melted slightly and oozed through some of the holes. I couldn’t wait to dive in. On biting into the crumpet it was slightly crunchy to the top followed by a light fluffy yet slightly doughy centre. This was finished by a nice crunchy bottom. As for the flavour it is difficult to describe it was like eating a toasted white loaf of bread with a slightly more substantial texture.
I really enjoyed these crumpets in terms of their differing texture. I liked their crunchieness which was superior to other crumpets that I have tried. The flavour was as I expected. So would I recommend these crumpets to anyone who follows a dairy free or vegan diet, yes definitely. So thank you Sainsbury’s for producing a nice simple savoury treat that I can enjoy at anytime of day.

Review of Genius gluten free pancakes

Being dairy free doesn’t stop me from eating a rich and varied diet. Even as a child I never let it get in my way it just meant a few little tweaks by mum. As an adult I am often asked don’t I feel like I am missing out on various foods especially sweet treats. To be honest most of the time I don’t. I always put a positive spin on it in that by often not having a dessert I am being healthier. However, every now and then I wish I could enjoy certain foods. On of these is pancakes at a breakfast buffet. I think it is the fact you can mix and match it to be sweet and or savoury treat. When I happen to stumble across Genius’s new free from pancakes I just had to pick them up.
The packaging is simple but it draws to the attention to a stack of pancakes with cascading fruit and syrup. To the side of this the packaging is clear allowing you to see the pancakes inside. The pancakes are clearly labelled as being gluten and milk free. On checking the ingredients list the only allergen highlighted is eggs.
I dived into the packet and decided I should have half a packet in the name of research of course. I couldn’t really note any real aroma from the packaging but should there be ? The instructions on the packaging advise that you can either grill or toast the pancakes. I tried heating them both ways. I personally found toasting them easier. I tried the pancakes both as a total sweet and a sweet and savoury treat. First I had it with as a stack of pancakes with crispy bacon. The second was with fruit. The pancakes worked well with both.
So what did I think to the pancakes. They reheated well. They kept the same colour. I poked the pancakes they were slightly bouncy to touch. The pancakes were slightly crispy to the outside and light and fluffy to the centre. The taste reminded me of a nice yorkshire pudding. This is a positive thing as I love yorkshire puddings.

Would I recommend these pancakes to anyone who follows a dairy and or gluten free diet yes definitely. Their taste and texture was just how I imagined a pancake to be. They can also be frozen defrosted quickly to be reheated as a treat when needed. So thank you Genius for providing me with pancakes that I can enjoy.