Review of Co-operative The White Farmhouse loaf of Bread

As mentioned in previous posts I personally think that is becoming increasingly more difficult to find bread that is safe to eat if you follow a dairy and lactose free diet. I was surprised to find this loaf in my local Co-Operative local store that ticked all of the right boxes. In addition to being suitable for a dairy and or lactose free diet it is also suitable for vegetarians and vegans. So of course I had to give it a try.
A slice of bread contains 105 calories, 0.9g of fat, 1.4g of sugar and 0.4g of salt.The loaf itself was light and springy to touch with a slight floury dusting to the top. Each slice of bread is of a good size. I have yet to have the bread toasted but only as part of a sandwich. A slice of bread is soft to touch with a nice bounce noted. It is not dry and nor is it too moist that it has what I would call a doughy consistency. The flour to the top of each slice gives it the nice farmhouse effect. On biting into the bread it tastes like what I would expect a white slice of bread to. I would describe it as a nice neutral taste which means it can work with any filling, likewise it I think it would be nice with just a sunflower spread. I view this as a positive thing. The bread itself is light and spongy and enjoyable to eat as part of a sandwich.
I would definitely have this loaf of bread again and would recommend that anyone who follows and dairy and or lactose free diet gives this bread a try.


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