Review of Tick Tock Earl Grey Rooibos Tea

Now I’m a girl who loves her cups of tea especially earl grey tea. I have been doing really well in reducing my caffeine intake. Sometimes those cups of earl grey can lead me a little astray. Rooibos seems to be my caffeine free tea of choice at the moment. So my mum suggested that I try Tick Tock earl grey rooibos tea. I found a box in my local supermarket and popped it into my basket to try.

I liked the simplicity to the packaging of this tea with its subtle marketing message. The blue box with the bold Tick Tock logo in white. To the centre of this is a small circle with a teapot, a cup of tea, scones and jam. The tea is described as combining all of the caffeine free goodness of rooibos with the true earl grey taste of natural bergamot. Onto the ingredients list rooibos tea and natural oil of bergamot, natural flavour are listed. There are no allergens listed and there is no may contain warning.

I opened the packet and was immediately greeted by a fairly strong bergamot aroma which seemed to drown out the aroma from the rooibos. So onto my famous close up sniff test the bergamot aroma intensified a little and continued to overpower the rooibos. On smelling an individual teabag the bergamot became very faint and was overtaken by the rooibos. The aroma was smoky and slightly grassy with a faint undertone of bergamot noted. I was a little disappointed with this. I liked the initial bergamot aroma that you got from opening the box and hoped that it would remain. After a few days of opening the box the bergamot aroma started to disappear and became very faint. I was a tad disappointed by this and yes I did close the box correctly. So what about the taste?

I placed my teabag into my teacup and added freshly brewed hot water as instructed. I was soon hit with a slight woodiness aroma that I associate with rooibos. Sadly, the earl grey element seemed to be lacking. I left the tea to infuse as instructed. It soon turned a dark cherry/brown colour. The woodiness aroma slightly intensified and became combined with subtle undertones of grassiness. This remained the same on the close up sniff test. On sipping the tea my taste buds got hit by its woodiness intermingled with a hint of grassiness. I had hoped for a citrusy undertone from the bergamot but it was sadly lacking. The initial excitement that I got from opening this box soon turned to disappointment. It sadly did not make a great caffeine free alternative to my beloved earl grey tea. On a positive note it did make for a nice everyday regular unflavored rooibos tea.

So would I recommend this rooibos earl grey tea? No I wouldn’t the bergamot aroma just seem to disappear and its flavour just seemed to missing in this tea. Sorry Tick Tock but this earl grey tea just wasn’t for me.


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