Review of Sainsbury’s Peppermint Infusion Tea

One of my favourite caffeine free teas has to be peppermint. I drink it most days as way to reduce my caffeine intake. So when I recently popped into Sainsbury’s I found myself in the tea aisle and decided to give their peppermint infusion tea a try. I personally liked calming light green and teal colour scheme to the packaging, with a picture of a teacup to the right with an integrated teal leaf design. Under the lid of the box to the middle is a slight perforation which allows you to reseal the box allowing you to keep the tea fresh inside.

Onto the ingredients list I personally found this slightly difficult to find. Peppermint is listed under the ingredients list. There are no allergens highlighted and there is no may contain warning.

On opening the packet the tea bags emitted a faint but pleasant peppermint aroma. This was slightly weaker than I had anticipated compared to other supermarket own brand teas. This didn’t intensify on my close up sniff test and but did seem weaken on smelling an individual teabag. I placed my teabag into my teacup and added the freshly boiled hot water. The water soon changed to the light brown / greenish colour. It took a couple of minutes for the teas aroma to develop but once it had it was pleasant but fairly weak. This didn’t change on the my famous close up sniff test. On sipping the tea, it was definitely one of the weaker peppermint teas that I have tried. There was only a slight peppermint flavour just like the aroma. It was a little disappointing when comparing its taste to other everyday peppermint teas that I have tried. It was certainly one of the weakest that I have tried. I also only got a very slight warm comforting sensation in my tummy as I sipped it. A little disappointing really.

So would I recommend this peppermint tea? I’m afraid not. It just seemed to lack any real peppermint aroma and flavour. If you prefer a weaker peppermint tea you may well enjoy this tea. I probably won’t be buying this tea again. Sorry Sainsbury’s but this tea just wasn’t for me.

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Review of Marks & Spencer Decaffeinated Earl Grey Tea

I am a girl who loves my cups of earl grey tea. It is my tea of choice and I am always on the lookout for new teas to try. On a recent trip to Marks & Spencer I yet again found myself in their tea section. I was running low on earl grey tea so I decided to grab a box of their decaffeinated earl grey tea to try.

I Liked the brown cardboard box style of packaging with the white box to the centre describing the tea. The simple light green stripe in this box and running down the centre was simple but somehow caught my attention. Onto the ingredients black tea 97.5% and bergamot flavouring is listed. No allergens are highlighted and there is no may contain warning. The tea is also clearly labelled as being fair trade.

On opening the box I was greeted by a sealed foil package containing the teabags. I like this as it keeps the tea nice and fresh. On opening the package there was an aroma of what I can only describe as a slightly artificial bergamot. This didn’t change on my close up sniff test. However, on smelling an individual teabag close up this aroma seemed to be significantly weaker. I was a little disappointed by this as I had expected the aroma to be stronger.

I placed my teabag in my teacup and added the freshly boiled hot water to let the tea infuse with the hot water for the recommended brewing time. The tea infused with the hot water and turned to a medium brown colour. But what about the aroma? It predominantly smelt like an everyday black tea with only a hint of bergamot noted. On my close up sniff test the aroma didn’t change. If I was doing a blind test I’m sure that I wouldn’t have been able to distinguish as being an earl grey tea. On sipping the tea it tasted like a reasonable quality medium strength black tea, with a very faint hint of bergamot noted. That said it was one of the nicer decaffeinated teas I have tried as it didn’t taste to chemically which has been the case with other decaffeinated teas that I have tried.

So would I recommend this earl grey tea? This is a tough one if I’m honest. As an earl grey tea no. I’m afraid I simply didn’t enjoy anything about this tea from its aroma through to its flavour. As a decaffeinated every day tea probably as it is one of the nicest ones that I have tried so far.

Review of PG tips Lemon & Ginger Herbal infusion Tea

I am lady who loves her cups of tea. Sometimes I can be a little naughty and find myself having a bit too much caffeine. Despite this I am still on my mission to reduce my caffeine intake continues and I am always on the look out for a new caffeine free tea to try. I tend to find lemon and ginger a nice comforting tea. so when I was doing my weekly shop on Ocado I noticed that PG tips lemon & ginger herbal infusion tea was on offer. So I decided to order a box to give it a to try.

I loved the packaging it is the same as all of the other PG tips tea that I have had. It has a picture of a cute monkey to the back and pictures of tea leaves and orange and yellow circles to represent the lemon and ginger. There is also a comment is a about the zestiness of this perky tea’s citrus and spicy notes is sure to put a spring in your step.

Onto the ingredients list. Ginger (30%), apple, rosehip, chicory, cinnamon, orange peel, liquorice, flavourings, lemon peel (1.9%). I am always personally put off by generic flavourings and would like to know exactly what this means. There are no allergens highlighted in the ingredients list and no may contain warnings.

As with all the teas in the fruit and herbal range each box contains 20 tea pyramids. I like the design of these nifty pyramids they are designed to allow the tea to infuse easier with the hot water. I personally leave all my fruit and herbal teas bags or pyramids in my cup to allow it to continue infusing with the water. If you choose not to do this the pyramid has a nifty string attached resulting in easy removal from the cup.

On opening the cardboard box I was immediately hit by the aroma coming from the packaging once opened. There was a very strong and pleasant aroma of ginger and lemon. This remained the same on my close up sniff test and was even very noticeable on sniffing an individual pyramid. I was suitably impressed as with many teas that I have tried this has simply not been the case. I placed my tea pyramid into my teacup and added my freshly boiled water as instructed. What immediately struck me was the immediate ginger aroma coming from the tea. I infused the tea with the hot water as instructed for 5 minutes. On removing the pyramid there was a distinct aroma of both ginger and lemon noted which was eveningly balanced. This slightly intensified on my close up sniff test. On sipping the tea my taste buds were hit with what I can only describe as an equal or the same balance of flavours from both the ginger and lemon. I found this to be a very pleasant change as often it is one flavour that dominate so to have an equal balance was great. I found this tea to be comforting and soothing on my stomach and refreshing at the same time. I have personally not always been suitably impressed with PG tips other teas that I have tried but this I have to admit surprised me.

would I recommend this lemon and ginger tea? Yes I would. I liked everything about this tea from its aroma through to its flavour. It was a nice refreshing tea which also provided a soothing sensation to my stomach. So thank you PG tips for producing a lovely lemon and ginger tea.