Review of Morrison’s smooth Brussels pâté

I had another craving for pâté on toast. It must be cold and windy weather we’re having at the moment. So I popped into my local small supermarket which happened to be Morison to see what was available. I found a small tub of smooth Brussels pâté. I scanned the ingredients on the back of the packaging to ascertain if it was safe for me to eat. Sure enough it appeared to be suitable for a dairy and lactose free diet so into my shopping basket it went.
The pate it’s self was a bargain at 69p for 175 g. A 35g portion contains 121 calories, 11.1g of fat 1g of sugar and 0.8g of salt. On opening the packaging I have to confess it did not look like the most inviting pâté but I did not let me this stop me delving in.
On placing the pate onto my toast it was nice and smoothin texture with a slight aroma noted, which is hard to describe. On biting into my toast and pâté was nice and smooth again texture and had a subtle taste of what you would expect from a Brussels pâté.
I was pleasantly surprised by both taste and texture. I became a little greedy and wanted up having three pieces of toast with Pate on. All in all a good value products that I would recommend anyone who follows a dairy and lactose free diet gives it a try.


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