Why I love Autumn


Well the summer seemed to pass by very quickly, maybe because it seemed to be cold and wet. So here are the top 10 things I like about autumn.

1)The best thing for me has to be the trees changing colour. I never get bored with this, I love the vibrant reds, orange, and brown leaves. Oh and of course jumping through the leaves that have fallen to the ground.

2)Boots. Digging out my favourite old boots that will keep both my legs and feet nice and toasty.

3)Gym classes. As the nights draw in, its goodbye to those outdoor summer activities and Back to those that can be done indoors. So, it’s hello again to regular Pilates, yoga maybe with a bit of spin thrown in for luck.

4)Scarves. I love to find my warm faux fur scarfs. I love the comforting warm feeling I get when I have them on.

5)Hot chocolate. This is fairly new discovery for me, being dairy free. There is something soo comforting about sipping on a luxurious hot chocolate when it’s cold and wet outside.

6)TV programmes. Is it me, or do all the best TV programmes come out in the autumn. I love to snuggle up under a blanket on the sofa and hit that catch up button.

7)Blackberries. It reminds me of my childhood. Going on long walks hunting for blackberry bushes. Enjoying a few straight from the bush then filling up bags taking them home ready to make crumbles. It’s a tradition I won’t give up.

8)Fire. I love having the fire on in our lounge as the nights draw in. I find it both comforting and cosy.

9)Halloween. It’s a great opportunity for both children and adults to join in the fancy dress fun. Pumpkins, not only is it great fun to make latens out of them, but they make a fantastic comforting soup.

10)Bonfire night. I love meeting up with friends standing around a warm fire, eating sausages in the cold and watching the fireworks.

What do you like about autumn ? I would love to hear your thoughts, thanks C 😀.



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