Review of Cheeky Chai Indian Spiced Chai

As a tea blogger I am on the constant look out for new teas to try. I have tried a few chai teas but tend to have these in the colder months as I associate the aroma and flavour with Christmas. So when Cheeky Chai contacted me and asked if I would like to try and review one of their teas I of course said yes. What I received was their Indian Spiced Chai blend.

Onto the packaging I received a sample in a simple brown paper package. To the centre is a brown label which has their brand logo a cheeky smile, simple but effective. On a personal note I wish that you were able to re-seal the packet instead of having to use a food clip to do so. Another suggestion would be that the brewing instructions are included on the label as this was missing.Onto the ingredients black tea, ginger root, cinnamon bark, and cardamom seeds are listed. No allergens are highlighted and there is a no may contain warning.

On opening the envelope in which the tea sample was in I was immediately greeted by a lovely aroma that I associate with chai tea. I had high hopes for this tea. On opening the tea packet I got a delightful aroma of and ginger and cardamom intermingled with another aroma which I would describe as being like all spice. The aroma intensified slightly on my close up sniff test.

I placed the tea leaves into my infuser and added freshly boiled water. The tea leaves soon infused with the hot water and it changed a medium brown colour. I let the tea infuse for 3 minutes as I have my tea medium weak and milk free. The aroma from the tea changed once it had infused with the hot water. The aroma from the black tea became more predominant with undertones of ginger root and cardamom noted. On sipping the tea I was worried that the black tea would impact on the other elements to this tea. This was not the case. The black tea was the strongest flavour to this tea with subtle undertones from the ginger root and cardamom noted. After a few sips I discovered the cinnamon and bark. All of the elements to this tea complimented nicely. The spices were certainly more subtle when comparing to other chai teas that I have previously tried. That said its strength was perfect for someone who likes their tea medium weak and works well milk free so great for me. Its aroma and flavours did remind me of Christmas, overall a nice black tea to be enjoyed in the winter months.

So would I recommend this chai tea? Yes I would. Its aroma and flavour make for a nice everyday black tea. The aroma and flavour from the spices are fairly subtle and would be more suited to someone who likes and a nice everyday black tea with a slight chai twist. So thank you Cheeky Chai for producing a nice every day chai tea that I can enjoy.



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