Review of Twinings English Breakfast Tea

After a good gym class I like to pop up to the bar for a liquid refreshment. No I should point out this is of the non alcoholic variety. There is normally a good variety of teas on offer to try. Despite this I normally opt for my favourites. Sadly, they had run out of mint tea, they offered me a variety of herbal teas but I didn’t fancy these. So I opted for breakfast tea, I wouldn’t normally have this as it is a stronger tea. Now I have all my tea milk free, being dairy and lactose free I could have opted for soya but the thought if any milk in tea makes me cringe. It’s a psychological association as cows milk makes me sick. So back on track I infused the teabag with the hot water for roughly 2 minutes as I didn’t want the tea to be too strong. The water changed to a dark brown colour, and there was no aroma coming from the cup which I am used to with other teas.
The tea was pleasant and refreshing and hit the spot. If I’m honest I couldn’t really distinguish any of the flavours coming from the tea bag, which I found a little disappointing. I think that perhaps this tea tastes much better when left to infuse with the hot water for longer with the combination of milk added. I would have this tea again if none of my prefered alternatives were not available. I wouldn’t really recommend it to anyone who enjoys a milk free tea when there are lots of alternatives available.


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