Review of Bells of Lazonby’s We Love Cake Gluten Free 6 Assorted Jam Tarts

We popped round to visit the in-laws the other day. I am always very lucky as I know my mother-in-law will always find me a nice treat to eat. It is not uncommon for her to try and find me a free from new item that I have not tried before. This time I was greeted by a nice box of gluten free assorted jam tarts that had been purchased at Waitrose. The packaging is mainly black in appearance but have a nice circular window cut out allowing you to see the jam tarts inside. They immediately say eat me. They are clearly designed for the free from market as they are clearly labelled as being suitable for coeliac’s and vegetarian. Oh in addition to being dairy free also. Inside the packaging are six larger than average size jam tarts which come in a combination of flavours including apricot, blackcurrant, and rasberry. These are separated into three packages consisting of two jam tarts.
Each jam tart has 176 calories, has 7.4g of fat, 11.3g of sugar and 0.11g of salt. Each jam tart is contained within a foil dish to hold it securely in the packaging. I would describe the pastry is being medium cream in colour and looking crunchy and inviting to bite into. An inspection of the base of the tart appears to be the same. The bottom of the tart is not gooey or soggy in appearance.
On biting into the jam tart you get nice fresh crunch from the pastry followed by a nice strong but not overpowering flavour of the jam inside. The jam its self tastes as it’s flavouring suggest and it’s not too artificially sweet. The combination of crunchiness of the pastry with the gooie consistency of the jam inside works perfectly together. It’s a long time since I’ve had a jam tart and these certainly did not dissapoint. I am pretty sure it will not be long before I finish the packet. I would highly recommend these to any individual and follows a gluten free, wheat free dairy and lactose free diet.


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