Review of Muffin Break’s Dairy Free Banana and Coconut Muffin

Well I heard on twitter that Muffin Break had just bought out a new selection of dairy free muffins. I checked on line and their were 6 to choose from. The next step was to check the store locator. Bingo, I was meeting an old friend in Guildford for a good old fashioned gossip over a cup of tea, with a bit of shopping thrown in for good luck. I requested that we stop of via Muffin Break so that I could get hold of one of their new muffins. Of course she agreed. I then waited in anticipation for the end of the week to arrive, or as I named it muffin day! I popped into their outlet an naively expected a reasonable selection of their new muffins. I immediately felt a sense of disappointment as I couldn’t see any. I asked in hope that they may have some and that I just couldn’t see them. The manager explplained that they only had one variety at the moment. I was informed that they were milk free and therefore suitable for my dairy and lactose free diet. I was told that the muffin of choice for the day was banana and coconut. I thanked the manager and explained that I would be back later. We did a little shopping and we popped back. It was the end of the dayand my heart sank no banana muffins to be seen. The manager saw me and explained that as it was the end of the day and the muffins were cooked fresh every day it was buy one get one free. Oh and yes they would be fine to eat the next day. She also advised me that if I timed it right I could have the carrot cake before it had its icing put on as it was dairy free without the icing. I thanked the manager and got my bargain muffins 2 for £1.95. So now on to the muffin itself, it was of a very good size, well large in my opinion, but I am not used to buying muffins. It looked slightly crunchy on the outside and had a nice sprinkling of coconut. On biting into the muffin I got a slight crunch from the outside. This was followed by a light and fluffy and slightly bouncy sponge like consistency inside. Oh there was also the odd bit of banana piece thrown in for luck. There was a subtle hint of both banana and coconut flavouring, which was spot on.
I really enjoyed this muffin, it was much better than I expected. Will I go back for more, definitely. So thank you Muffin Break Guildford, for being very helpful and informative and providing me with a nice sweet treat to enjoy. I would definitely recommend anyone who follows a dairy and or lactose free diet gives these muffins a try.


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