Review of Aunt Bessie’s croquette potatoes

If like me you don’t always have time to cook or you need something that you can just place in the oven whilst you’re busy multitasking elsewhere in the house then these might be your option. I have to look through the freezer section in the supermarkets in the hope that I can find a potato based option for my main meal. Many of you are aware this is often difficult when you are following a dairy and or lactose free diet. I often find that croquette potatoes are not suitable option for my dietary needs. I was mightily surprised that I was able to eat these. And you’ve guessed it they went straight into my shopping basket to take home to try.
A 100g serving contains 164 calories, 6.2g of fat, 0.5g of sugar and 0.38g of salt. The outside of the croquettes are coated in breadcrumbs on the outside in what I would describe as being a beige in colour. On cutting the croquette in half a light cream fluffy looking potato interior is revealed. On biting into the croquette I enjoyed the initial crunch from the breadcrumbs followed by the smooth potato filling. I would describe the flavour of the croquettes has been pretty neutral. I Personally couldn’t taste any elements of seasoning. To be honest I like this as I thought they would be more versatile when using them as part of my main meal. So if you follow a dairy and or a lactose free diet I recommend you give these a try. I now have this stored in my freezer as an emergency backup for part of our main meal. Thank you Aunt Bessie for producing a potato based option that I can enjoy as part of my main meal.


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