Review of Alpro Unsweetened Almond Milk

I first discovered almond milk a little while ago. Having soya milk for many years. What attracted to me trial an alternative milk was it’s low calorie content, which made it perfect for the 5:2 diet.
So how would I describe it ? It is a neutral cream colour and reasonably smooth in texture. By this I mean it is not see through in appearance, and not thin and runny in consistency. I can definitely smell the aroma of the nuts when I place it in a bowl to have as part of my breakfast. I would say it is a subtle aroma which is pleasant, not artificial or overpowering. The same can be said for its flavour, and because it’s the unsweetened version it doesn’t taste artificially sweet.
Oops, I forgot the nutrition bit… A 100mls serving contains 13 calories,1.1g of fat,0.1 g of sugar and 0.13g of salt.
If you are unable to have cows milk or lactose due to an allergy or intolerance then I recommend you give this milk a try. I found it to be highly versatile have it with breakfast cereal and use it in both sweet and savoury dishes. I especially like it as part of a hot chocolate. Most recently used it to make pancakes instead of the usual soya milk. It worked really well. I personally think that it is a healthy low calorie alternative to cows milk. Oh and I forgot to mention it’s also gluten, wheat free and suitable for vegans.


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