Updated review of Waitrose Bourbon biscuits

For those of you who know me well or follow me either on Twitter or my blog will know that I have a secret obsession with bourbon biscuits. They have always been my guilty pleasure. For quite some time Waitrose bourbons have been my favourite always coming up trumps. However, sadly I think this may have changed. I opened a fresh packet of Waitrose bourbon biscuits this week to enjoy with a nice cup of…

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Review of Lidl Deluxe hand cut crisps

On a recent emergency trip to Lidl for dinner recently I found myself in the aisle containing their crisps. I was surprised to find a multipack of crisps in their deluxe range that was suitable for those who follow a dairy free and lactose free diet. So I picked up a packet to try. You get six packets in lightly salted, sea salt and crushed black peppers and sea salt and balsamic vinegar each containing…

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Review of Tesco’s free from Italian lemon desert

Well I’m trying to keep up with my blog with my poor attempt from August. As a result I have purchased a few more free from items to try not any excuses are needed of course. I had to have an emergency stop off the other night for my other half to get a pizza from Tesco’s. As the free from chilled section was close by I decided to get myself a treat. So I…

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Review of Waitrose bacon rashers

I am always on the lookout for flavoured crisps in the hope that maybe there is a new packet that I am able to try that fulfils my dairy free and lactose free diet. Frazzle style crisps are often not an option as the label often states contains or may contain milk. I remember getting excited in Waitrose to find that their own brand frazzle crisps did not contain any traces of milk products. So of course they went straight into…

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Review of Lovemore O’Chocco biscuits

I first discovered lovemore at the allergy show in London last year. This year I had hoped to stock up on their o’chocco biscuits, but sadly they had sold out. I have to confess to not trying them earlier as they were gluten and wheat free.I had read several good reviews about these biscuits both on Twitter and on blogs. As my weekly shop comes from Ocado I headed straight to the free from section…

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