Review of Lotus caramelised biscuit spread

On a quest to find more sweet treats I noticed that the Lotus caramelised biscuit spread ticked all the boxes. It markets itself as an alternative to chocolate spread or peanut butter. It is suitable for those who follow a dairy and lactose free and vegan diet. Each jar is 400g .A 100g portion contains 590 calories,39.2 g of fat and 36.2g of sugar. On opening the jar you are greeted with a nice rich…

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Review of Sweet Freedom Choc Shot liquid chocolate

I came across this product sometime ago whilst searching the free from section on Ocado. It seemed to tick all the boxes. It could be used to make hot chocolate, be incorporated into desserts or simply placed on top of icecream perfect. I have to confess in the name of market research to trying all of these options. A 5g serving contains 13.7 calories and 0.2g of fat. It is dark in colour and thick…

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Review of Rakusen’s chocolate oatie biscuits

I decided to try these as I love Rakusen’s chocolate digestives. Their appearance reminded me of the carob biscuits I used to eat as a treat as the child. Each packet weighs 200 g. 100 g of the which contains 510 calories, 28.9 g of fat and 30.6 g of sugar. Each circular biscuit has a thin layer of chocolate drizzled over the top. Underneath there is a rustic combination of oats. On biting into…

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Review of Tesco’s Habanero flavoured tortilla chips loaded with jalapeño chilli flakes

We had to do an emergency stop off to Tesco’s to pick up some new headphones on route to the gym as mine somehow ended up in our washing machine. We had to go via the food section as a result other items ended up in our basket. I somehow developed one of my cravings for tortilla chips. I noted that the Tesco’s new brand were on offer and had an optimistic look in case…

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Review of Nature Valley cereal bars

I discovered these cereal bars a few years ago on a family trip to America. I had recently had allergy tests and was advised to avoid certain foods. As we were spending a lot of time in the theme parks my mother-in-law and myself visited a large supermarket in the hope that I could find some snacks to keep me refuelled during the day. After walking up and down several food aisles my mother-in-law found…

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