Review of Waitrose bourbon biscuits

I have always enjoyed bourbon biscuits and have a reputation in my family for this, in fact my little nephew knows that they have been bought especially for me, don’t worry I do share them with him. It is becoming more difficult to find a bourbon biscuit that does not contain milk, or states may contain milk or may have been in contact with milk in the manufacturing process. I avoid these biscuits, it’s not…

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Review of Rakusen’s chocolate digestives

I stumbled across these by mistake some time ago on the Ocado website. What can I say these have to be one of my favourite biscuits, I buy 1 packet every week if I bought more I would eat them all. The biscuits are non dairy and contain 20% chocolate.  You get 10 biscuits in a packet for around £1, so not that expensive. The biscuits are crunchy in texture, with the top of the biscuit having…

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Day two

Well it’s day two of being a blogger and I still can’t believe that I finally took the plunge into the blogging world. I am currently experiencing feelings of excitement and intrepidation of what to do next. I have lot’s of ideas of things that I hope to post and categories to use. I hope that people enjoy my posts and find them useful. The plan this week is to… 1) Get my phone working so that…

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Online shopping

I remember jumping for joy at the advent of online shopping. Like many people I lead a busy life, my work involves a lot of travelling as a result my time is at a premium. The last thing I want to do is go to the supermarket play dodge the trollies and waste time to find what I want. I was so excited when Ocado suddenly appeared and yes they delivered to my area perfect.…

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Recent eating out

  I am always wary when eating out, but in the last month I have eaten out more than I would normally. Sadly, my phone has been poorly so I have no photos to include as part of my reviews but I hope that you find my opinions useful. Weatherspoon’s We had a last minute change of plans and ended up in a ‘Spoons’. I feel that they have become better for catering for customers…

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