Review of lovemore bourbon biscuits

Those of you that follow my blog are aware that my favourite bourbon biscuits are those made by Waitrose. Where possible I always have an emergency stash in my cupboard and always try to take these on holiday with me. On a recent holiday I forgot to take a packet and ended up buying an alternative. This led me to thinking that it’s about time I tried alternatives to see what other options are available…

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Review of Tesco’s bourbon cream biscuits

Those of you that follow my Twitter account know that I always try and have an emergency supply of Waitrose bourbon biscuits. They are a sweet treat that I never get bored with. I recently went on holiday and my normal Ocado shopping was not available, so I opted for Tesco’s again. I decided to use this opportunity to try alternative brands of bourbon biscuits that are suitable for my dairy free and lactose free…

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Review of Tesco’s free from soya yogurt

I first tried Tesco’s soya yogurts whilst on holiday as we had an online shopping delivery. They come in several varieties and two sizes. I have yet to try all of the flavours or sizes, but hope to in the near future. I have only tried the small size so far but thought I would share my views in an attempt to keep my blog up to date. You and get a packet of 4…

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Lunch on the go

I’m sure like many other people following a dairy free and lactose free diet it is always best to be prepared when out and about. I am well known with both friends and family for always having a packup on the go. Most of the time that is. For some unknown reason twice this week I’ve had to do without my old faithful pack up. On the first day I had simply left at the…

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Review of Alpro yogurt

Well I came across these some time ago, mainly because it was available on Ocado and it was easy to pop into the online shopping trolley. They come in several varieties and sizes. I have to confess to having tried all 3 options, but you have to as you never know what you may be missing out on. You and get a packet of 4 regular yogurts for roughly £1.80, my favourite is forest fruits.…

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