Review of Tesco’s bourbon cream biscuits

Those of you that follow my Twitter account know that I always try and have an emergency supply of Waitrose bourbon biscuits. They are a sweet treat that I never get bored with. I recently went on holiday and my normal Ocado shopping was not available, so I opted for Tesco’s again. I decided to use this opportunity to try alternative brands of bourbon biscuits that are suitable for my dairy free and lactose free diet. So I opted for Tesco’s own brand regular bourbon biscuits.
I had the small packet which weighs 200 g and cost 49p. Each biscuit is 70 Calories, has 3g of fat and 4.2 g of sugar and 0.1 g of salt. The only allergens highlighted on the packaging are wheat and gluten. On trying the biscuits I found them to be dry and clumpy in certain parts with a poor texture overall. There was a reasonable amount of cream in between both biscuits (I like to separate the biscuits and eat the cream by its self). Sadly, I felt that both the biscuits and the cream tended be lacking in any specific favour. Overall I was disappointed by the quality of these biscuits. Yes they are dairy free but sadly not for me. I will not be rushing out to buy any more in the near future, sorry Tesco’s.



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