Review of Lidl Deluxe hand cut crisps

On a recent emergency trip to Lidl for dinner recently I found myself in the aisle containing their crisps. I was surprised to find a multipack of crisps in their deluxe range that was suitable for those who follow a dairy free and lactose free diet.
So I picked up a packet to try. You get six packets in lightly salted, sea salt and crushed black peppers and sea salt and balsamic vinegar each containing 25 g of crisps for 99p.
I chose to review the lightly salted crisps. The crisps are of a good size not too greasy in appearance or texture and looked irresistible to eat. They had a nice crunch on biting into them they did not taste too greasy. They had nice a subtle flavour on biting into them. I have to say these are one of the nicest crisps that I have eaten in quite some time and a bargain at 99p for six packets. If I ever pop into a Lidil I will now check the crisp aisle to see if they have any packets available to stock up. I highly recommend it to anybody who is dairy and lactose free give these crisps a try. Is also worth noting that they are suitable for vegans and gluten free also. Well done Lidl for producing high quality crisps at a good price that I can enjoy and hopefully many others will be able to.


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