The perfect cup of tea

For as long as I can remember I have always enjoyed a nice cup of tea. I inherited my love of tea from my mum who taught me that black tea should be drunk medium weak to enjoy its flavours. Being dairy free means that I enjoy all my teas milk free. I have tried on a couple of occasions to add milk but I just can’t bring myself to drink it. I use my blog to share my tea experiences with a new tea review every Tuesday. My mum decided in her wisdom that my tea reviews would look more inviting if undertaken in a nice cup and saucer. So she bought me this wonderful teacup set for my blog. I love my teacup and it makes a drinking a cup of tea a pleasurable experience. I frequently receive many comments about it and asked where can be purchased from. Sadly, it is getting a little overused so my mum has been on the hunt for a new teacup for my blog. So here is the new addition to my teacup collection that will hopefully soon be making an appearance on my blog.

My Petit Canard
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Review of Naughty By Nature London’s First Healthy Pop Up Bar

I was lucky enough to receive a press invite to the launch of Naughty By Nature London’s first pop up free from bar to embrace healthy living. It comes from the founders of the Free From Festival which I have been lucky enough to attend. All of the food is free from dairy, gluten and refined sugar with most also being suitable for a vegan diet. The bar features cocktails which were free from artificial additives, colours , flavours, high fructose, corn syrup and unnecessary sugar. Its located within a few minutes walk from Vauxhall station. Be careful though its hidden by what I would call a secret door that I missed first time round. On entering the sunlight courtyard I was greeted by a nice prosecco. It was then time to explore this intimate venue. A quaint hidden courtyard glazed in the evening sun.

I was immediately drawn to the Cake and Cucumber stall. All of the sweet treats on offer were dairy, gluten and refined sugar free and suitable for a vegan diet. I sampled all of Phoebe’s treats. The first I tried was the chocolate brownie it was very rich and had a slight bitter undertone to it. I would struggle to eat a whole one. The chocolate banana cake bite was very moist in texture and had subtle undertones of banana noted. It was very moorish indeed and would go perfectly with a nice cup of tea. My favourite was her last minute concoction which was a charcoal and coconut cake. It was very light in texture and very coconutty. The sweetness from the coconut worked perfectly with the slight bitterness from the charcoal. I may had a few extra samples of this, naughty me.

Next was Pomodoro E Basilco a vegan Italian pop up stall. They have previously attended the Free From Festival but I somehow managed to miss them. They had a variety of sweet and savoury treats to sample. I confess to sampling most of them. My highlight was their mozzarella. It was made from soya milk and came in a little sample with tomato and pesto. I loved everything about this cheese from its flavour through to its texture oh and the pesto was just delicious. Onto the sweet treats they had two versions of their twix to try their original and macha. They are made from dates and almond butter. My favourite was the macha this just worked perfectly with the sweetness from the dates.

Everyone at the launch received a complimentary cocktail. The bar staff were fantastic and my personal highlight was the iced cucumber water. I had a few glasses it was highly refreshing and just perfect on a warm evening. I had a lovely evening enjoying the evening sun in a delightful location sampling some fantastic foods. So if you are in the area I recommend that you pop in to try a cocktail and sample the food. You won’t regret it.

Disclaimer: I received a free invitation to this event all the opinions in this post are honest and my own.

Hot Pink Wellingtons
My Petit Canard

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Happy Mothers Day

Just a quick post to wish all the mums out there a Happy Mother’s Day. My mum sacristy requested a hand-made cushion as her Mother’s Day present, knowing for well that I can’t sew. So instead I would like to dedicate this post to my wonderful mum. She has always been there for me and encouraged me to work to the best of my ability. She is and always will be the person that I inspire to be. I wouldn’t be blogging if it wasn’t for my mum. She encouraged me to take the plunge into the world of blogging. She attends events as my assistant trying and reviewing her gluten free finds. So thanks mum, you’re simply the best and I am exceedingly lucky to have you😊.
P.S The teacup you got me for my blog is still one of the best gifts I have ever received.

I’ve Made It Into The Top 100 Tea Blogs

When I found out that I had made the Feedspot Top 100 Tea Blogs I was completely taken by surprise. I was amazed that my humble little blog had made it in the top 100 let alone being number 49! I initially started blogging about being dairy free I then decide to add my love of cups of tea to my blog. I use my blog as a platform to share my thoughts and opinions on the tea that I try. It has opened a great new world of opportunities for me and I would be lost without it. Tea has now become by far the most popular aspect of my blog and I hope to expand on this in the near future. If there any teas that you would like me to try and review in the future please let me now. In the meantime I will be proudly displaying the medal on my blog.

Happy New Year

Just a quick post to wish everyone a very Happy New Year. I hope that you have a fun packed and reaction free 2017. I am very lucky that I had an amazing 2016. I had a trip of a lifetime travelling from the east to west coast of America via train. In addition to this my blog also got nominated in two categories in the Allergy Blog Award UK. So I’m not really how sure how 2017 can top this. Of course I had to set myself some goals for the year ahead. My new year’s resolutions for 2017 are to meet fellow bloggers at the Allergy & Free From Show as I missed this last year. To attend the Free From Festival as sadly I was unable to make it at the last minute due to stupid allergic reactions. To start saving up for my next big adventure. I have also decided to change my blog post schedules. I will now try to publish a new food/eating out review on a Thursday and continue with Tuesdays new tea review. Sadly, I just can’t fit the time in at the moment to publish three posts a week. If I can squeeze any extra in I will. So thank you for taking the time to stop by and read my blog. I really appreciate it. Oh and good luck with those New Year resolutions, C.

Merry Christmas

Just a quick post to wish everyone a very merry Christmas. I hope that you have a fun packed and reaction free day. I’m have to confess to getting a little excited about the big day. This year we are staying with my family and my sister is doing the entertaining. She has had fun trying to accommodate those of us with a dairy free and gluten free diet. A one stop supermarket shop just wasnt possible as I’m sure many of you share the same experience as this. She even did a trial run for the main meal with a little help from my nephew Jon. Who was very proud of his gluten free Yorkshire puddings. So here’s to our very first family free from Christmas. All I have to do is turn up with some festive tea to enjoy later in the afternoon.

Happy International Tea Day

I’m a lady who loves her cups of tea, so much so that I decided to add tea reviews to my blog. I now do a new tea review every Tuesday. Over the last year I have been lucky to sample a variety of new teas some of which I have loved and others not so.
Earl grey is one of my favourite teas. I personally find it works well milk free so it’s perfect for dairy free me. My most surprising find this year being Sainsbury’s Taste The Difference Fair Trade earl grey tea. I loved everything about this tea. A great value every day tea which I regularly buy for work.
One of my favourite tea discoveries this year was Hope & Glory peppermint tea. The aroma and flavour of this mint tea is truly special. I loved the fact that it had a calming and soothing effect on the tummy whilst being refreshing at the same time.
A surprise discovery was Asda’s strawberry and forest fruit tea. A great value tea that has a great aroma and flavour which seemed to change as the tea infused. A real comfort tea for me.
My most disappointing tea discovery came from Twinings. Yes they may well be a well know brand but sadly they just don’t seem to deliver when it comes to the fruit teas. Their strawberry and raspberry tea simply lacked any real aroma or flavour. I ended up doubling the teabags to get a reasonable cup of tea. A real disappointment as it just didn’t match the quality of other Twinings teas.
I hope you like my tea reviews and I would welcome any recommendations for new teas to try. Right now I think it’s time for me to grab a cup of tea and take advantage of International Tea Day. What tea are you enjoying today? I would love to hear from you C.