Review of dinner at Stanhill Hotel Charlwood, Surrey

I booked the table in advance and informed the staff that I followed a dairy and lactose free diet. On arrival I was offered both the evening and bar menu as staff thought that there may be more options available to me this way. For a starter I opted for the prawn cocktail and was excited to find that I could have the source to. For my main I choose duck, sadly I was unable to have a rosti potato or stir fry vegetables. I was offered the alternative of mashed potato, so I enquired if I could have chips and yes I could, brilliant. For dessert I was offered the usual choice of fruit salad or sorbet. I opted for combination of strawberry and champagne sorbet for dessert.

Before the meal we were offered a fresh bread roll. These were suitable my Dietary requirements, so of course I had to give it a try. The roll was nice and crunchy on the outside and soft in the middle.
For starters I was greeted by a large portion of prawn cocktail, despite it’s size I managed to polish it off. There was a good quantity of salad at the bottom of the glass and this was topped with with an ample amount of prawns in rich sauce.I enjoyed every mouthful as it is not often that you can eat a prawn cocktail with the sauce included.
When the main arrived I was greeted by a large plate of duck and chips. Sadly, no side order of vegetables arrived. The duck was cooked perfectly. It was nice and pink in the middle with the meats juices running out as I dived in. The duck was tender and moist and I enjoyed every bit. I had what appeared to be the worlds biggest portion of chips alongside my duck, these were crisp whilst being light on the inside.
Finally came my dessert. So this had to be one of the nicest sorbets I have ever had. The combination of strawberry and champagne sorbet with a strawberry on top was just heavenly. The sorbet was clearly homemade and just melted in my mouth.

I finished my meal of with a nice cup of tea. I would definitely recommend this hotel restaurant to anyone who has special dietary requirements. They were very knowledgable and accommodating of my needs.


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