Eating out at a Wetherspoon pub and being dairy free

I have recently returned from a mini holiday to St Ives, Cornwall. Sadly the weather was not at its best to put it politely. Once the rain had stopped we decided to brave the elements and walk into town. However, we found ourselves having a quick change of plans as the heavens opened and we were getting soaked. We took cover in the nearest pub which just happened to be a Wetherspoons. It was crowded and we had to wait for a table. As it was lunchtime we decided to stay put and have lunch. The member of staff who cleaned the table ready for us was very helpful and polite. I explained that I was dairy free and could I have their allergy menu. She explained that the menu frequently changed but she could get the master allergy folder for me to take a look at. This was promptly bought to the table for me. The folder was clearly divided into sections with all the allergens listed at the top. I fancied gammon but that was a no go. As we were at the seaside fish was the obvious next choice. I could have the fish and chips with peas, result.

On ordering our lunch I mentioned to the server that I had a dairy allergy and this was clearly noted in the order. I had high hopes for my lunch to come. There was about a 30 minute wait but this was clearly explained in ordering and was to be expected as the pub was packed. My meal arrived last. The server was aware that it was the dairy free fish and chips. It was a good portion size with plenty of chips and a side of plain peas.
The food was served on the classic Wetherspoons plate. The presentation was as expected. The fish was a good size with crunchy batter noted to the fish. The chips looked inviting with a slight seasoning noted to the outside. I was surprised by the generous serving of peas.

I choose to dive into the fish first. There was a subtle crunch noted as I cut through the batter. Underneath was pipping hot steaming white fish, which was nice and chunky. I don’t like batter and always leave this, strange I know. So it was straight into biting into the fish. It tasted like cod although I could have been wrong, it had a nice meaty texture and was nicer than I expected. Onto those peas, well they tasted as I expected peas to. They were again piping hot and cooked just right. Slightly hard to the outside but a soft inside, perfect. I saved the chips until last. They were fairly chunky. They were slightly crispy on the outside and light and fluffy to the centre. I couldn’t really distinguish the flavouring from the seasoning, which was a shame, but that didn’t really matter. I soon polished off my lunch. It hit the spot nicely.

So would I visit a Weatherspoon pub again, yes defintley. Their staff have a good understanding of food allergies and how to cater for this. There is a clear allergy folder that can be accessed for food choices to be made. My only criticism is that although it is clearly divided into sections it is time consuming to find what food is safe to eat. I guess this is difficult with the variety of food served. So thank you Weatherspoons for proving me with a safe enjoyable lunch oh and keeping me warm and dry.


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