Review of Newburn Bakehouse Tiger Artisan Bloomer

It is often difficult to dash into a shop and pick up a loaf of bread when you follow a dairy free and or gluten free diet. You have to spend time checking the labels to make sure that the bread is indeed safe to eat. I recently discovered that Newburn Bakehouse bread is both dairy free and gluten free. So this meant that it was the perfect bread for both my mum and I to try. I personally prefer a granary or a wholemeal loaf but I do enjoy a tiger loaf as a treat. So when I discovered that they also made a tiger bloomer I just had to pop it into my shopping basket.

I liked the simple clear packaging allowing you to see the bread inside with its darkened crust inside. Sometimes simple is best I just wanted to dive in and give it a try. 

Onto the ingredients list. The front of the packaging is clearly labelled as both gluten free and milk free. The only allergens highlighted on the back of the packet is egg. It is also labelled as being suitable for a vegetarian diet.

On holding the bloomer it felt lighter when comparing it other gluten free breads. I undertook a crafty squeeze test and it was soft and quickly returned to its original shape. On opening the packet there was a delightful aroma of what I describe as a familiar smell you get with tiger bread. This did not change on my famous close up sniff test. The bloomer was a good size and the crusty looking topping that you get with a tiger loaf looked even more inviting. The bread was light bouncy to touch and my finger didn’t sink into the bread when did another crafty squeeze test. It was easy to cut into the bloomer, the loaf kept its shape and size and there were loose pieces of crumbled bread. More impressively it looked like as mum described it a “normal” slice of bread. Oh and there were no large holes which can be the case with some gluten free breads. On biting into the bread I experienced a combination of textures the crunchiness from the crust followed by a light airy springy texture. This was not dry or powdery in texture which can be the case with gluten free bread. The bread kept its consistency when made as part of a sandwich and didn’t get soggy or gooey in texture. It tasted like a regular tiger loaf. The most important factor for my mum was that you didn’t need to toast it to be able to it as regular sandwich.

So would I recommend this bread if you follow a dairy free, gluten free or vegetarian diet? Yes I would. We were really impressed by its light springy airy texture and the fact that it didn’t need toasting to make a sandwich. This makes it stand out from your average gluten free bread. So thank you Newburn Bakehouse for producing bread that both my mum and I can enjoy.

38 thoughts on “Review of Newburn Bakehouse Tiger Artisan Bloomer

  1. Ouuu this bread looks so yummy and sounds so healthy! It’s always lovely when you can find proper vegetarian and gluten free things without having to search high and low. I have a friend who I know would love this bread! & I myself would love to give it a try…I’d have to see if it’s among any of the imported stuff at my local grocer. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    xx Lena |

  2. Hello pinkiebag….you are amazing. I always think there can’t possibly be another tea or food product to review but I love the way you write. I want to eat this now. Looks lovely and it’s dairy free which suits me. Thanks! #dreamteam

  3. Great review! This sounds like a wonderful GF bread. Wish I could find its equivalent in the US as I sometimes have GF guests and don’t always feel like making a loaf but don’t want to give them a mediocre store-bought bread either. #TriumphantTales

  4. I need to get some of this in my life!! I love that it looks like a normal slice of bread, always a good sign!! Thank you for linking this to #DreamTeam, and making me aware that gluten free tiger bread even existed!!

  5. I haven’t heard about this bread before but your review makes me want to try it. It’s great to see that more companies are coming out with gluten-free alternatives and that these are starting to taste and feel much more like regular bread.

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