I’ve made it into the Waitrose weekend newspaper

Ok so today I normally publish a food review as part of my Thursday’s new food review feature. However, there has been a sudden change of plans. I just wanted to share my excitement of having my blog mentioned in the Waitrose weekend newspaper. In fact I am still in a state of shock and didn’t really believe it until I picked up the paper myself. Last week I published a review of Waitrose chilli salsa tortilla chips which I have to admit were pretty delicious. Subsequently I was contacted and asked if I could be interviewed for the ‘Story Behind The Tweet’ feature in the paper, I of course said yes. I was pretty nervous but I was certainly made to feel at ease. I then found myself In Waitrose today to grab something for lunch and picked up the weekend paper on the way out. To my utter surprise on page two there was the Twitter feature and it was all about my humble little blog. I am so glad that my mum encouraged me to start blogging. I am proud of how my blog has evolved and the opportunities that it has given me. So here’s to more food and tea reviews on Pinkiebag.

138 thoughts on “I’ve made it into the Waitrose weekend newspaper

  1. Congratulations! That is super and I’m quite impressed that Waitrose take the time to read what people are saying and then share it as well. Well done you for being included and it’s well deserved! #MMBC

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