The Toad Who Loved Tea

As a lady who enjoys her cups of tea there is nothing I enjoy more than reading a book at the same time. Sadly I am not very good at finding the time to do this. So when Faziz Kermani contacted me and asked if I would like to review his latest book which had a tea theme I just had to say yes. The Toad Who Loved Tea is a children’s comedy book aimed for ages 7-11 and beyond. It is all about the exciting journey of a toad called Tungtang who leaves her home at Muddy River to venture into town where humans live. She finds herself in a tea shop and this is really where her adventure and learning more about both humans and tea begins. Tungtang causes havoc in the tea shop and the owners get complaints for mud on the tablecloths and tea that mysteriously disappears. The owners finally discover that Tungtang has been responsible for the mysterious occurrences in the shop. All is forgiven after discovering about her passion for tea and they decide to ask Tungtang to work in the shop as their official tea taster. This proves to be very successful and she is even offered to join the World Tea Council. Of course the residents of Muddy River get to know of her success via papers left by the humans.

On opening the book I was greeted by a lovely personal handwritten message from Faziz with a sticker below of what I can only describe as a cheeky frog. Before you embark on chapter one there is a lovely rhyme which is a lovely introduction to the story. On the opposite page is a picture of what I can only describe as a friendly but cheeky toad with a cup of tea. This helps kick start your imagination about the toad you are going to meet and the exciting adventure that they are going to go on. The book is 47 pages in total and is broken down into ten chapters with some fantastic illustrations in between.

It did not take me long to read this lovely story. I would love to have experienced some of Tungtangs adventure. From being part of the community at Muddy river and listening to Granpa Nutbelch’s stories. I could never imagine a human getting away with how I would describe as acquiring guests cakes and teas, but then they can’t hide easily like a toad. I was left imagining what it would like to lie on a bed of tea every night and indeed how it would ever be possible for a human to do this. My favourite earl grey tea even got a mention. I loved that TungTang became chief tea taster and used her imagination and experience to change the Royal Jubilee blend with some rose petals and lemongrass. I can only imagine how any fellow tea lover like myself would love to have Tungtang’s job.

So would I recommend this book? Yes definitely. I loved everything about it, from the delightful character names and their personalities, and the way your imagination was stimulated even further through the delightful illustrations. Most of all is the important underlying message that you should follow your dreams and that it is possible to achieve them.

Disclaimer: I received this book in return for an honest review. All of the opinions are honest and my own.
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57 thoughts on “The Toad Who Loved Tea

  1. Lol this is mega cute 💕💕☺️ I so excited to know there’s a storybook surrounding tea and it’s awesomeness. Talk about an awesome job! I’m sure they’d be some lovely ones who’d enjoy this book.

    xx Lena |

  2. Oh Chloe,
    what a delightful review & book, how exciting for this grandmother to pass on my love of tea in a children’s story time!

    Each time my grandchildren & I have a visit, we enjoy our special tea time together, how lovely to include a story about tea too!
    Thank you!

  3. Thank you for your toad-ily tea-rrific review! If any other tea lovers are interested in reviewing the book I’d love to hear from them. I think that amphibian tea tasters are the future!

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