Review of Lidl Pigs In Blankets Crisps

When I quickly popped into Lidl and saw their Christmas range at the end of aisle I decided to grab a packet of pigs in blankets. I was feeling optimistic so I decided to pick them up and check their ingredients. Sure enough they were suitable for a dairy free diet so I decided to have them as a naughty treat.

I liked the simple black and pink background with a picture of six pigs in blankets to the centre. You knew what sort of festive flavours you should be getting with these crisps. Onto the ingredients list there are no allergens highlighted on the ingredients list and there is no may contain warning.

On opening the packet I was greeted by a fairly strong aroma of what I would describe as bacon. This strengthened on my famous close up sniff test. The crisps themselves were of a good size and had a good scattering of flavouring on them and looked very inviting. On biting into the crisps a nice crisp crunch was noted. As for the flavour they tasted like delicious bacon crisps. They didn’t leave any greasy or powdery residual on my fingers.

So would I recommend these crisps? I Certainly would. I liked everything about these crisps from their inviting aroma though to their crunchy crisp texture. So thank you Lidl for producing a delicious packet of festive crisps.

33 thoughts on “Review of Lidl Pigs In Blankets Crisps

  1. I went to Lidl yesterday to do some Christmas food shopping and discovered that their pigs in blankets and stuffing from the fridge were gluten free! 🙆‍♀️ I usually make my own but seeing these I just had to buy. I hope they don’t let me down 👀

  2. Oh wow, I haven’t even heard of these! Or seen these in our local Lidl, maybe they haven’t arrived there yet. Will definitely buy some for my hubby, these are kind he would really enjoy 🙂

    lots of love, Jasmin

  3. Hi to Becky,
    The addition of vegan in the tag was an error and not meant to be there very sorry. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. It has been removed. I am very sorry for the delay in responding to your comment and that I have not replied personally. I have deleted several comments in error. I hope that you see this response.

  4. I have accidentally and stupidly deleted some pending comments in error, if you have kindly taken the time to read and comment on my post I apologise for not responding to it.

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