Review of Tesco’s Free From Spiced Pear Pies

This year I decided that I should make it my mission to start my Christmas reviews early. So when I discovered that Tesco’s had launched their Christmas free from range I had to pop in store and find out more. Sadly, a lot of the section was already out of stock. There were no mince pies or Christmas puddings but there were 2 boxes of spiced pear pies left. So I grabbed a box of the spiced pear pies to take home and try.

I liked the simplicity of the packaging and was drawn to its purple colour scheme. The pictures of the pear pies tease you and I just wanted to give them a try. Onto the ingredients the pies are clearly labelled as a free from product and are both gluten free and milk free. Therefore perfect for dairy free me. Egg is highlighted as an allergen in the ingredients list. There is a may contain warning for peanuts and nuts.

On opening the packaging I was greeted by an aroma that I associate with fruit pies. Nothing special if I’m honest. I was hoping for a spicy aroma that I associate with Christmas, maybe I am being a tad harsh. The pear pies the are a good size. To the top you have a slightly crunchy looking short crust pastry topped with a light dusting of sugar. This becomes thinner towards the bottom of the pies. On checking underneath no soggy bottom was noted. On biting into the pear pie I got a slight crunch followed by a light crumbliness from the pastry.  It didn’t take long to discover the filling. This was a combination of pears coated in a what I would describe as a lightly seasoned winter syrup. The fruit was crunchy and worked perfectly with the gluppy syrup encasing it. The flavour of the filling was delightful. It was slightly sweet from the syrup but this was nicely complimented from the winter seasoning. As for its quantity this spot on anymore would have resulted in a soggy pie. I couldn’t believe just how nice these pies were. A great alternative to the traditional mince pie.

So would I recommend these spiced pear pies if you follow a dairy free and or gluten free diet? Yes I would. They are a great alternative to a traditional mince pie. I loved everything about these pies from their flavour through to their texture. They exceeded my expectations. So thank you Tesco’s for producing a delicious sweet Christmas treat that I can enjoy.

DIY Daddy
Le Coin de Mel

48 thoughts on “Review of Tesco’s Free From Spiced Pear Pies

  1. My word, that is a very detailed review! My mind boggles as to how you can make such an item without gluten wheat or milk but it does seem a good alternative. How fortunate you got one of the last boxes. #thatfridaylinky

  2. I really miss these little treats living away from Home, they do sometimes import some Mr Kipling stuff, but at a high price!!
    These look delish & I’d HAVE to have a bit of custard with them!

  3. I get so disappointed when the shops have run out of what I want, especially mince pies. These pear pies look really lovely though, I’m glad you enjoyed them and I will look out for them.

  4. No-one in my family likes mince pies but we have to have them for visitors :(. I’m going to hotfoot it down to my local (HUGE) Tescos tomorrow and try to pick up some of these pear pies, they look absolutely delicious – thank you!

    Lisa |

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