Review of Lidl Bats & Webs Barbecue Snacks

With Halloween fast approaching I found myself in Lidl looking at their special buys section. Next to this I spotted a display of Halloween themed savoury snacks. I spotted a packet which was barbecue flavour and decided to grab a packet to take home to try.

I liked the simple orange packaging with a picture of a bat to the centre and a spider on a web to the bottom left of the front of the packet. In addition to this there is an accurate picture of the snacks inside and the phrase terrifyingly tasty to the top right corner. Onto the ingredients list no allergens are highlighted. No allergens are highlighted on the ingredients list and there is a may contain warning for gluten.

On opening the packet I was greeted by a fairly weak barbecue aroma. This aroma did not change on my famous close up sniff test. The snacks were of a varying sizzle and in the shape of webs and bats. They didn’t have an obvious scattering of the barbecue flavouring on them. On biting into the chips was a nice clean crunch was noted. The barbecue flavouring wasn’t scattered eveningly across the snacks and as a result it was hit and miss on the flavour front. After trying a few snacks there was a powdery residual left on my fingers from the flavouring. A little disappointing as the flavouring on the snacks were a little hit and miss in the first place. So loosing more of this may have impacted on the strength of the flavour which wasn’t that strong in the first place.

So would I recommend these barbecue snacks, no I wouldn’t. I liked the festive style of this savoury snack and enjoyed their crunchy texture. But their lack of flavour and powdery residual just outweighed this. So if you follow a dairy free, or a vegan diet I would give this Halloween treat a miss. Sorry Lidl but this festive savoury treat just wasn’t for me.

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74 thoughts on “Review of Lidl Bats & Webs Barbecue Snacks

  1. What a shame after the great idea. Hubby is vegan and could have been another thing he could have for nibbles when we were in the UK. Never mind! #thatfridaylinky

  2. These are so cute! Such a shame the flavour doesn’t match the appearance though. But, as some commentators have noted, they’d probably be ideal for children. As I’m doing the shop tomorrow, including for a Hallowe’en kids party, then this is a timely post, thank you!

    Lisa |

  3. Paul would say “look over substance” coz they do look really cool. Such a shame it does not live up to expectations! xx corinne

  4. Ahh that’s a shame the flavour wasn’t so good as I always like the idea of themed snacks especially if it’s for something like Halloween. Plus being much more of a savoury gal it would be nice to find a halloween snack that isn’t sweet. xx

  5. I love that you give such honest reviews of these products! Even if it’s just saving a £1 here or there, theres nothing worse than buying a snack you’re really looking forward to, and then discovering that it’s pants lol! So will defo be giving these a miss I think! x

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