Review of Tesco’s Free From Chocolate Gateau

Being dairy free I never thought that it would be possible to eat a chocolate gateau that you could simply pick up from a local supermarket. So when I heard that Tesco’s free from range new chocolate gateaux was both gluten free and dairy free I got a little excited. My mission was then to find one to try. This was easier said then done as they always seemed to be sold out and my dedicated freezer space remained empty. Finally after several trips to various Tesco’s I managed to find one. I eagerly placed it in my basket to take home and save it until the weekend for a treat.

Onto the packaging of the gateau it was in the usual colour and style that you get with Tesco’s free from range. There is a large picture of the gateau to the front which looks highly inviting. It is clearly labelled as being gluten free, wheat free and milk free. It is also suitable for a vegetarian diet. Onto the ingredients list egg and soya are highlighted as allergens. There is also a may contain warning for peanuts and nuts.

On opening the box greeted by a fairly sweet faint chocolate aroma which intensified on my close up sniff test. On removing the gateau from the box I was a little disappointed as some of the topping had stuck to the top of the box. This meant that the swirly peak design to part of the gateaux was a little flat. It should be noted that I had transported the gateaux home safely in an upright position. The other piece of criticism I have around the packaging is that the circular plastic that holds the gateau in place is a good idea. The only downside as the the cream to the gateau is like mousse in consistency it meant that this stayed on the inside of the plastic and not on the gateau. This resulted in having bald edges to the gateau. On a positive note it did allow you to see all of the layers to the gateaux. Now the gateau itself serves 6 people is I planed to cut it up into smaller servings so that I could have it as individual treats. Sadly, this was not possible. Despite my best attempts with a good knife and lots of will power I was not able to cut out a piece of gateau to serve one person. This meant that I had 24 hours to eat a whole gateaux.

But how did the gateau taste? On biting into the gateau I was immediately struck by the varying three consistencies to the gateau. Initially you get the light airy slightly whipped texture from the mousse from the outside and top of the gateau. This is followed by the chocolate sponge underneath which was a little dry in consistency and slightly prone to crumbling. These layers were repeated throughout the gateau. Amongst this you get a hint just the right amount of what is described as a chocolate sauce which is a bit like a jam in consistency. This combined with the mousse helps balance a bit of they dryness out from the sponge. Onto the flavour this was nice but not as nice as I had personally hoped. The mousse was slightly artificially sweet in flavour but worked well with the slight bitter chocolate flavour from the sponge. The the richness from the intermittent hidden chocolate sauce just gave it that little bit extra rich indulgent flavour without it being too strong and overpowering.

So would I recommend this free from chocolate gateau? I am afraid not. The packaging design impacted on the presentation of the gateau. The chocolate sponge was a little to dry and crumbly even when combined with the mousse and chocolate sauce. Perhaps you make think that I am being a little harsh on Tesco’s or unfair. But when you have waited so long to have a chocolate gateau maybe your expectations are high. I hope that maybe Tesco’s will see my review and take some of my criticisms onboard. Because at the end of the day I think that it is great that you now have the option to be able to easily purchase a dairy free gateau at the supermarket.

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76 thoughts on “Review of Tesco’s Free From Chocolate Gateau

  1. I’m sure you’re disappointed the gateau did not live up to expectations, it’s always worth trying. I haven’t tried this yet but I don’t think I will, especially if you have to eat it pretty much all at once!

  2. Haha I am actually happy to hear you wouldn’t recommend it as we don’t have something like that and I may have had to fly to where you are:)

  3. I’ve been tempted to get this for my husband and son to try. Thanks for your review. I think I’ll still get it but it’s helpful to have an honest idea of what to expect, and it’s a pity it’s not as good as it should be!

  4. This post made me hungry… Great review, I’m sorry it was disappointing though. One of my closest friend’s is dairy intolerant – so I’m always on the lookout for her, and can relate to the struggle of finding good dairy-free desserts. Thank you for a good honest review – looking forward to your future dairy-free reviews! x

  5. This cake looks so good! Shame it is not that good! As Paul in GBBO would say, never gives look over substance ahah

    • Oh are there any that you recommend that I should try. I am slowly working my way through a variety of yogurts. Are you dairy free, gluten free or do you have a different alllergy/intolerance?

  6. Oooh that’s something different from you! I love your honesty. I wouldn’t have bought it anyway as it contains egg and my little lady is allergic too egg. It doesn’t look too great either. Thanks for joining in with #FreeFromFridays.

    • I just had to review it as I was excited when I heard about a gateau that I could have, sadly it wasn’t that great maybe Tesco’s may get similar feedback from others.

  7. This is the first post of yours that I’ve read, so I’m not sure why you’re dairy free, but if it’s an issue with lactose, have you tried lactose-free milk? You can’t tell it from ordinary milk, and it really does make a difference.

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