Review of Sainsbury’s Peppermint Infusion Tea

One of my favourite caffeine free teas has to be peppermint. I drink it most days as way to reduce my caffeine intake. So when I recently popped into Sainsbury’s I found myself in the tea aisle and decided to give their peppermint infusion tea a try. I personally liked calming light green and teal colour scheme to the packaging, with a picture of a teacup to the right with an integrated teal leaf design. Under the lid of the box to the middle is a slight perforation which allows you to reseal the box allowing you to keep the tea fresh inside.

Onto the ingredients list I personally found this slightly difficult to find. Peppermint is listed under the ingredients list. There are no allergens highlighted and there is no may contain warning.

On opening the packet the tea bags emitted a faint but pleasant peppermint aroma. This was slightly weaker than I had anticipated compared to other supermarket own brand teas. This didn’t intensify on my close up sniff test and but did seem weaken on smelling an individual teabag. I placed my teabag into my teacup and added the freshly boiled hot water. The water soon changed to the light brown / greenish colour. It took a couple of minutes for the teas aroma to develop but once it had it was pleasant but fairly weak. This didn’t change on the my famous close up sniff test. On sipping the tea, it was definitely one of the weaker peppermint teas that I have tried. There was only a slight peppermint flavour just like the aroma. It was a little disappointing when comparing its taste to other everyday peppermint teas that I have tried. It was certainly one of the weakest that I have tried. I also only got a very slight warm comforting sensation in my tummy as I sipped it. A little disappointing really.

So would I recommend this peppermint tea? I’m afraid not. It just seemed to lack any real peppermint aroma and flavour. If you prefer a weaker peppermint tea you may well enjoy this tea. I probably won’t be buying this tea again. Sorry Sainsbury’s but this tea just wasn’t for me.

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53 thoughts on “Review of Sainsbury’s Peppermint Infusion Tea

  1. I love peppermint and I think I have tried this one. I don’t have any point of comparison to say it is not as good as other brands though! xx corinne

  2. I appreciate this honest review! I like to learn more about caffeine free teas since I try to avoid most caffeine!

  3. Feels like I’m the worst British person ever because I hate tea and coffee, however, I have tried some herbal teas but can only drink them cold! Not too much of a fan off pepermint tho, don’t think this will be good way to go for me aha x

  4. I am a really big lover of tea. I love strong tea. I have tried green tea and wasn’t too keen, but this is definitely worth a try, I hope. I like how you described what you thought of it and your honest opinion of not recommending it.

  5. I’ve never been a huge tea drinker but a strong peppermint tea does sound nice – are there other brands that you’ve tried and really loved?


  6. Ah that’s really disappointing. I’m currently enjoying the Twinings peppermint teas which are ok I think, no idea how they compare? Thanks for linking up at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x

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