Review of Lidl Sweet Popcorn

Popcorn is often a safe dairy free treat for me to enjoy and can make a nice change for a treat to enjoy on the go as a sweet treat. So on a recent trip to Lidl I fancied some popcorn and grabbed a packet of their sweet popcorn to try.

I really didn’t like the packaging of this popcorn. I personally found it too busy with the red cinema movie theme, black film roll and pieces of popcorn. On the back of the packaging it is clearly labelled as being suitable for vegans. Onto the ingredients list to maize, sugar and oleic sunflower oil are listed. No allergens are listed and there is a no may contain warning.

On opening the bag I was greeted by a faint sweet aroma. I did my usual close sniff up test and this didn’t change. On closer inspection inside the bag the popcorn looked like even sized pieces of the popcorn with an intermittent sweet coating. This was a positive to me as I didn’t want my popcorn to be too sweet. On biting into the popcorn I immediately got the taste of plain popcorn this was preceded by a very intermittent sweetness which was  a little disappointing. The texture of the popcorn was also a tad disappointing. I was hoping for a combination of textures with a slight subtle crunch from the sweet coating. This just wasn’t present nor was light airy softness that I expect from popcorn.  Very disappointing if I’m honest.

So would I recommend this popcorn? I’m afraid not. I really didn’t like anything about this popcorn from its busy style packaging, through to its flavour and textures. Sorry Lidl but this popcorn really wasn’t for me.

DIY Daddy

80 thoughts on “Review of Lidl Sweet Popcorn

  1. I love popcorn and even grew my own one year – what I didn’t eat made for a great display (the cobs were bright red and small). Unfortunately after harvest time I pulled out the dying plants and everywhere the flowers touched my skin I came up in huge angry welts!!! I just buy it in packets now. 🙂

  2. I’m so sorry you found this so disappointing, I love sweet popcorn normally! It sucks about the lack of texture x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿

  3. I love popcorn! Sorry you didn’t enjoy this pack I usually love sweet popcorn but I’ve never tried Lidl before

  4. This post has made me realise how long it has been since I have eaten popcorn. From the last few posts of yours that I’ve read, you’ve always left me hungry haha x

    Claire |

  5. For the first time, I have seen a post where someone is not waxing eloquent about how great a product is. Also, time to eat popcorn now. I am hungry 😉

  6. as someone who has trashed more than their fair share of Lidl’s sweet popcorn, the sweetness of the popcorn depends a lot of the batch. There were times when it was so sweet even I (major sweet toother) had to take a break from eating it- then like yours where it was barely there. Fair judgement on the packaging though! Sometimes a simple theme is easier to run with.

  7. I love popcorn! One of my fav treats! Especially the one the toffee! Such a shame you didn’t like them that much! xx corinne

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