Our First Family Free From Buffet

Having food allergies can suck sometimes. Growing up I remember having take all of my own food and drinks to parties. I secretly wished that I could try the food everyone else was eating but knew that it would make me poorly. My sister knew exactly how I felt and so when my nephew was recently diagnosed as being coeliac she didn’t want him to feel the same. So at our first family get together since his diagnosis my sister decided to have a totally free from buffet. This meant that everything was gluten free and that my nephew could eat everything. She also made a special effort for me making sure that there was several milk free options for me. To be fair I’m not sure who was more excited me or my nephew. Secretly I think it was me. If you’ve seen the very clever Morrison’s free from advert that was me just like me but as a grown up. My sister did a fantastic job visiting several supermarkets and food halls to get a great range of food that we could all enjoy. In fact there may have been a bit too much food. This was fine as it meant that we spent a lovely lazy afternoon at the dinner table trying a fantastic variety of foods and enjoying each others company. So a big thank you to my sister for a fantastic afternoon. It was a true delight to be able to watch the excitement and see my nephews face light up at the possibly of being able to try everything on the table. Oh and for spoiling me too.

66 thoughts on “Our First Family Free From Buffet

  1. I wish I had a sister like yours (I only have a brother) to spend quality time with her. I try to eat gluten-free products from time to time and I realized how hard it is to be forced to eat the whole life like that. It’s almost as hard as a total sugar-free diet.

  2. How wonderful that your sister made the whole meal suitable so that your nephew could eat without feeling left out. I am a vegetarian and I only cook vegetarian and when I have have non veg friends they usually just enjoy the veggie dishes and don’t even realise there is no meat option.

  3. I total understand the pain of having to bring your own food everywhere. It really does mean so much when someone goes the extra mile to show you they understand. Great article❤️

  4. This is cool your sister made the right decision. Is so sad for a kid to see that is different. Anyway now is easy to make different food for all. I’m vegetarian and when my friends come home I cook veggie and they really love it!

  5. What a great post! I can totally relate, as I had to eliminate several food groups from my diet due to having Hashimoto and being insulin resistant. Eating out, going to the parties and even family dinners at home are a challenge and it’s so thoughtful if someone cooks foods made especially for your needs. I hope you’ll have more family buffets like this.

  6. My Brother in Law is gluten free and I do struggle sometimes especially if we are having a picnic type get together. great ideas x

  7. I love how much more accessible free-from options have become in recent years, we don’t have the dietary requirements but sometimes it’s just nicer and we opt for them anyway!

  8. I hate buffets. Someone always puts the cheesy stuff on the same plate as something I could have eaten. Or someone eats the “special stuff” the host bought for you before you get a look in. I always have a food stash if I’m invited to a buffet as I don’t like to impose. Your sister is wonderful for creating such an amazing spread. #dreamteam

    • Hi, yes I am very lucky to have a great sister who is very understanding. I always normally take a supply of special stuff when eating at buffets and barbecues as well.

  9. I never fully appreciated how limiting it can be when you are restricted by food allergies, but my husband recently had a months of eating gluten free and it really opened my eyes. Not only to how many items do actually include gluten that you wouldn’t expect, but also to how many free from alternatives are now available in the supermarkets. It looks like a delicious buffet! Thanks for sharing (virtually haha) with #DreamTeam x

  10. This is making me so so hungry! This buffet sounds lush! I get how hard it must be to find something you like when you have food restrictions! xx corinne

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