Review of Rice Dream Rice Milk

Well my mission to try some new dairy free milks has not been that successful. So I have been trying to make a real effort lately and try some new varieties of dairy free milk. So I headed onto Ocado and searched for dairy free milk. One milk that seemed to grab my attention was Rice Dream rice milk. Now I’ve never tried rice milk before so I decided to give it a try. I liked the blue and green colour to the packaging with a picture of milk cascading to the bottom.

The ingredients list is on the side of the carton with water, rice (14%), calcium, phosphate, stabilizer: gellan gum, sea salt vitamins D and B12 listed. There is no may contain warning. The milk is labelled as being dairy free, gluten free and suitable for vegans.

On opening the carton I was surprised that there was only a faint and subtle rice aroma to the milk. In fact it smelt pretty neutral and did not change on my famous close up sniff test. This was a little disappointing if I am honest as I expected this to be much stronger. It poured easily into a glass and was a light white colour. It was slightly thin and very watery in consistency. On sipping the milk it had a very similar texture to that of water. There was definitely a ricie element which was subtle but not to overpowering. The best way I can describe this is if you don’t quiet drain your rice properly and have a bit of the water on your plate it’s very similar to this with a little sweetness added. I also warmed the milk for 90 seconds in the microwave ready for my famous Weetabix test. It microwaved well and did not separate or form a skin to the top of the milk. Its aroma remained the same I had hoped that the aroma may intensify slightly, but this may be a tad unfair. The milk was absorbed easily by the Weetabix. In fact I needed a higher volume compared to other milks to try to get the Weetabix the way I like them. Sadly, this didn’t happen it was just like I had added water, which I have done previously when I have forgotten to take my milk to work. On tasting the Weetabix it didn’t impact on its flavour. I viewed this as a positive this may sound a little strange but a couple of milks that I have previously tried have made my Weetabix have an artificially slightly sweet flavour. I personally don’t like this and like to my Weetabix to be as plain as possible.

So would I recommend this rice milk? No I wouldn’t its thin consistency and the lack of flavour made it an unappealing milk. So if you follow a dairy free, gluten free or vegan diet perhaps give this milk a miss. Sorry Rice Dream but this really wasn’t to my liking.

36 thoughts on “Review of Rice Dream Rice Milk

  1. That’s kinda how rice milk is. Another thing about rice milk is it tends to have a lot of sugar. You can make your own rice milk. It’s not that hard, but it will still be somewhat watery.

  2. I agree, I’m not a huge fan of the rice milk. It’s ok, but there are other non-dairy milk options I like better. Our little dude can’t have dairy, soy, or nuts, so we use coconut milk (not technically a tree nut). I’ve tried hemp milk, but the flavor is really strong. I recently saw flax milk at the store, so I’ll be trying that soon.

  3. We don’t like rice milk either. When my little girl needed a dairy-free alternative to milk, I tried rice milk early on and I don’t even think we finished the bottle. Way too watery! Thanks for joining in with #FreeFromFridays.

  4. Yeah, not my favourite either, maybe okay on baking…maybe? but as I can now have soya and can have almond milk, I’d much prefer these, in fact I drink cartons of Oatly Barrista Milk at the moment in my latte’s….truly gorgeous stuff that froths to perfection in my milk frother!

  5. I’ve used jt it’s gross and separates in tea. But is very good to cook with if you want a less intrusive flavour than soya, almond, oat or hazelnut.

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