Review of Marks & Spencer Earl Grey Tea

I am a girl who loves my cups of earl grey tea. It is my tea of choice and I am always on the lookout for new teas to try. On a recent trip to Marks & Spencer I yet again found myself in their tea section. I was running low on earl grey tea so I decided to grab a box to try.
I found the colour the of the grey packaging with its stripes a little dull if I’m honest. If I hadn’t need to stock up on my earl grey I wouldn’t have given it a second glance. Onto the ingredients black tea 98.5% and flavouring is listed. No allergens are highlighted and there is no may contain warning. On a personal note I wish the flavouring was in more detail.
On opening the box I was greeted by a sealed foil package containing the teabags. I like this as it keeps the tea nice and fresh. On opening the package there was an aroma of what I can only describe as an artificially strong bergamot with a hint of lavender intermingled with this. This didn’t change on my close up sniff test. However, on smelling an individual teabag close up this artificial aroma seemed to virtually disappear. I was a little disappointed by this as I had expected the aroma to be stronger.
I placed my teabag in my teacup and added the freshly boiled hot water to let the tea infuse with the hot water for the recommended brewing time. The tea infused with the hot water and turned to a medium brown colour. But what about the aroma? It predominantly smelt like an everyday black tea with only a hint of bergamot noted the lavender had simply disappeared. On my close up sniff test the aroma didn’t change. If I was doing a blind test I’m sure that I wouldn’t have been able to distinguish as being an earl grey tea. On sipping the tea it tasted like a reasonable quality weaker strength black tea, with a very questionable hint of bergamot noted.
So would I recommend this earl grey tea? I’m afraid not. I’m afraid I simply didn’t enjoy anything about this tea from its aroma through to its flavour. I have tried nicer own brand earl grey teas. Sorry Marks & Spencer but this earl grey tea just wasn’t for me.

27 thoughts on “Review of Marks & Spencer Earl Grey Tea

    • Hi, thank you for taking the time to read my latest tea review. I personally like mint and camomile teas. I am fairly new to green teas. I have several reviews if you get chance to look. I hope that you find them helpful, Chloe.

    • Hi Ashley, nothing wrong with PG! good luck trying earl grey it can be an acquired taste, I certainly recommend the lavender one that I tried. Another one to try that is easier to come by is Sainsbury’s taste The difference earl grey tea, Chloe.

  1. Hate it when you brew a nice cup of tea and it turns out to be a total disappointment. Boring box and boring taste = total bummer. Will make sure to steer clear of this one! Lovely post though xx

    • Hi Bethany, if you like a full flavoured earl grey tea then this is certainly not for you. Are there any that you would recommend that I should try? Thank you for your kind comments, Chloe.

    • Hi Cora, there’s nothing worse than a strong artificial scent when drinking a tea, and you are right if you are drinking an earl grey you want it to be an earl grey not something artificial, Chloe.

  2. Ohh no, what a shame! I’m not a tea drinker myself but would have thought M&S would have done nice tea bags! Always good to share your thoughts on something like this, thanks for linking up to the #bestandworst

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